Learn How to Use Your Silhouette Cameo to Cut Siser Brick.

Siser Brick is currently the most sought after material for good reason. Brick is 1,000 microns (1mm) thick which means its over 10 times as thick as EasyWeed! This extremely unique and versatile material has our customers excited about all the design possibilities. They have a plethora of things they want to decorate using Siser Brick.

Some of our customers use a craft cutter, e.g. Silhouette Cameo, but the blade that is provided with the machine is just not cutting it (pun intended.)  We thought it wasn’t going to be possible to cut Brick with the Silhouette Cameo, but I have excellent news for you, we have found the remedy: The DEEP-CUT BLADE!

I am sure some of you have heard about this blade, but I wanted to let you know that the Deep-Cut Blade will allow you to cut Siser Brick HTV on your Cameo. The Deep-Cut Blade can cut up to a thickness of 2mm, and it’s also a 60º blade (which is what we recommend when cutting Siser Brick.)

The Silhouette Cameo Deep-Cut Blade.

I brought the blade all the way out of the blade holder, or to “notch 20.”

The exposed blade of the Silhouette Cameo Deep-Cut Blade.

Turn the blade holder to the left until the blade is fully exposed and the red mark lines up with the “20.”

Once I had my blade adjusted I went into Silhouette Studio. In “Cut Settings,” I changed my “Material Type” to “Heat Transfer Vinyl Flocked.”

Adjusting Cut Settings in Silhouette Studio.

In the “Editing: Heat Transfer Vinyl” dropdown menu, I had to adjust my Ratchet Blade setting to “10.” This will give me the down force I need to cut Brick.

Adjusting blade settings in Silhouette Studio.

Now we are ready to cut, so I’m going to lay my scrap piece of Brick on my mat. Load the mat into the Cameo, go back to Silhouette Studio and hit “Send to Silhouette,” and sit back and hope for the best!

Black Siser Brick in the Silhouette Cameo craft cutter.Black Siser Brick on the Silhouette Cameo cutting mat.

Please please please tell me it was cut correctly…

Black Siser Brick cut, but not weeded.

Oh yeah, if you ever want to make sure it cut correctly before weeding, flip the cut piece over and you should see an even score of your design on the carrier.

The carrier side of Siser Brick shows a good cut.

Jackpot! It looks like we have a great cut, now it’s time to weed away the excess material and cavities.

Weeded black Siser Brick.

Like Butter!

Siser Brick comes in seven different colors, is 1,000 microns thick, and now can be cut at home!

To watch the application process for Siser Brick, click here.

To purchase the Silhouette Deep-Cut Blade, click here.