EasyWeed® - Heat Transfer Vinyl

The most trusted heat transfer vinyl brand in the world

Why is EasyWeed our number one selling heat transfer vinyl? Simple, the EasyWeed Advantage! EasyWeed applies at a lower temperature than competitor material, backing can be peeled hot or cold and doesn't lift during weeding. It's also extremely durable wash after wash and uses a lower pressure setting for application. EasyWeed is thinner than others on the market and offers a one-second tack application that's great for layering. EasyWeed has a pressure sensitive carrier that allows you to offer detailed designs on a wide variety of fabrics. EasyWeed can be cut with laser systems.

EasyWeed is 90 Microns / 3.5 Mils and is a PU composition.

EasyWeed Features

EasyWeed Shirt Design
EasyWeed White   EasyWeed Silver   EasyWeed Gray   EasyWeed Charcoal   EasyWeed Black   EasyWeed Matte Black   EasyWeed Brown   EasyWeed Dark Maroon   EasyWeed Maroon   EasyWeed Burgundy
EasyWeed Red   EasyWeed Matte Red   EasyWeed Bright Red   EasyWeed Hibiscus   EasyWeed Cardinal   EasyWeed Texas Orange   EasyWeed Orange   EasyWeed Matte Orange   EasyWeed Orange Soda   EasyWeed Mustard
EasyWeed Sun   EasyWeed Yellow   EasyWeed Lemon   EasyWeed Gold   EasyWeed Vegas Gold   EasyWeed Cream   EasyWeed Light Apricot   EasyWeed Cashew   Tan   EasyWeed Latte
EasyWeed Hazelnut   EasyWeed Chocolate   EasyWeed Mocha   EasyWeed Lime   EasyWeed Green Apple   EasyWeed Green   EasyWeed Matte Green   EasyWeed Cadette Green   EasyWeed Sage   EasyWeed Green Olive
EasyWeed Dark Green   EasyWeed Retro Mint   EasyWeed Turquoise   EasyWeed Powder Blue   EasyWeed Sky Blue   EasyWeed Pale Blue   EasyWeed Periwinkle   EasyWeed Royal Blue   EasyWeed Matte Royal Blue   EasyWeed Navy Blue
EasyWeed Matte Navy Blue   EasyWeed Purple   EasyWeed Matte Purple   EasyWeed Wicked Purple   EasyWeed Lilac   EasyWeed Passion Pink   EasyWeed Pink   EasyWeed Viva Magenta   EasyWeed Bubble Gum   EasyWeed Flamingo
EasyWeed Melon   EasyWeed Pale Peach   EasyWeed Light Pink   EasyWeed Fluorescent Pink   EasyWeed Fluorescent Raspberry   EasyWeed Fluorescent Coral   EasyWeed Fluorescent Orange   EasyWeed Fluorescent Yellow   EasyWeed Fluorescent Green   EasyWeed Fluorescent Blue

Please note that due to the way the fluorescent colors are manufactured, there may be variations in colors from batch to batch.

EasyWeed Applies to:



Cotton / Poly Blends


Technical Information