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Sign Business


Enhance your business with one-off designs

As a sign shop, you work with layouts and designs every day. Imagine taking your existing equipment and being able to offer heat printed items to go along with other jobs you already have. If someone comes in for a sign, you can offer them the same design on a garment or bag. Here are a few ideas how HTV can get increase your sales. Offer the customer’s existing artwork on:

– 1 off banners
– Hats
– Workwear: Polos, aprons, visors and jackets
– Laptop and tablet cases
– Binders
– Cell phone cases
– Tons more!

Adding heat transfer vinyl materials allows you to decorate a world of additional items with designs you already cut!

embroidery shop


Heat transfer vinyl is a great complement to embroidery!

You work with graphic files all day. You are used to digitizing logos. Some orders are just too expensive to set up and embroider… especially when dealing with one item. This is where HTV shines. You can now say “Yes” to all those one and 2 color jobs that are too time consuming to set up. HTV Can enhance your business by:

– Allowing you to take on smaller jobs
– Allowing you to sell items that you can’t embroider
– Giving you options in texture and finish
– Working with embroidery. Print some areas of the design and embroider others

An investment in heat transfer vinyl will help increase sales and will help drive repeat business by allowing you to do what others in your area can’t.

Engravers / trophy shop


Winning is meant for more than just trophies and plaques

Your core business may be plaques and trophy sales… but did you know that some of your existing equipment also suits itself to garment decoration? Most of Siser’s heat transfer vinyl materials are polyurethane based… meaning that you can cut them with a laser! Imagine offering a trophy to the winning team – after you created their jerseys and hats! That’s the power of heat transfer vinyl and the power of personalization. There doesn’t need to be any downtime with your equipment, offering printed garments, bags, hats, and shoes can transform your engraving business into the decoration hotspot!

screen printers


Screen printing’s new best friend!

There’s no denying the power of screen printing. The technology is tried and true and has been around for a long, long time. Screen printing is versatile and affordable… but it’s not everything in decoration. Screen printing shines after 12 garments… but what do you do if the order is less than 12? Do you turn the customer away… or try to get them to buy more than they need just so they can meet the minimum order? There is a compromise! Heat transfer vinyl can fill in the gaps between 1 and 12 or 1 and 24 depending on your shop. Customers looking for small-run items can now come to you for quality decoration on a limited run basis. heat transfer vinyl also gives you the ability to print in finishes that you can’t achieve with traditional screen printing. Offer holographic and glitter or StripFlock… all are done in a simple 3 step process – cut, weed and heat apply!


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