ColorPrint™ Extra Print and Cut Material

The Print and Cut Material for Difficult to Print Items!

ColorPrint Extra is a white print and cut material that is perfect for full-color printing on nylon and is durable enough for pennants, canvas, tents and other difficult to personalize fabrics. If you’re looking for a glossy print and cut material that works on shoes, belts, canvas bags and more, ColorPrint Extra is the material you’re looking for! Compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, latex, and thermo-resin inks and printers, ColorPrint Extra provides rich colored graphics for all your hard to print items! ColorPrint Extra is the durable alternative to costly screen printing on overized or odd substrates. If you get a call for an odd item, give ColorPrint Extra a shot… or give Siser a call to find out which material is best for your application.

Not compatible with Inkjet or toner based printers/copiers.

% Useful
ColorPrint Extra Print and Cut Material

PVC composition  •  Polyester Backing  •  White Base  •  Gloss Finish  •  135 Microns / 5.3 Mils  •  45°/60° blade

Applies To:
• 100% Nylon
• 100% cotton
• Poly/cotton blends
• 100% polyester
• Leather
Application Instructions:

• Print, cut, and weed material
• Mask with TTD Easy or TTD High Tack Mask
• Apply design at 320°F/160°C with medium pressure for 10-15 seconds
• Peel Hot
 Recommended Accessories:

TTD Easy Mask or TTD High Tack Mask
Siser Weeder
Multipurpose Paper or
Heat Transfer Cover Sheet

Compatible Inks:

• Eco-Solvent
• Solvent
• Latex


• Wait 24 hours before 1st wash
• Machine wash cold / mild detergent
• Dry on normal dryer setting
• Do not dry clean or bleach