50 More Items to Decorate with Heat Transfer Vinyl

So hopefully I’ve opened your eyes a little on the different types of items you can heat print on with heat transfer vinyl. Sure, some of them are items you may have guessed at or maybe even printed yourself. in this part 2, I’ll show you the Home and Miscellaneous items you should consider for decorating projects.

Our third category for items you can heat print is, Home. The Home category is comprised of items either found in or pertaining to, the home.


51 – Car Covers 64 – Grill Covers
52 – Towels 65 – Pot Holders
53 – Tool Pouches 66 – Curtains
54 – Eyeglass Cases 67 – Blankets
55 – Bath Mats 68 – Bed Sheets
56 – Luggage 69 – Carpet Runners
57 – Shoe Organizers 70 – Fabric Napkins
58 – Shower Curtains 71 – Throw Pillows
59 – Table Runners 72 – Tablet Covers
60 – Chair Covers 73 – Journal Covers
61 – Flags 74 – Leather Portfolios
62 – Pillow Cases 75 – Mouse Pads
63 – Table Cloths


Having the ability to decorate unique items such as barbecue grill covers and umbrellas with heat transfer vinyl opens a whole new world of decorating opportunities! Think of the creative displays you could add to your store with just a few of these items.

Costumes, lunch bags, stadium cushions and hats? You bet!

Costumes, lunch bags, stadium cushions and hats? You bet!

Here we are at the end of our post, the final 25. This segment kicks off Miscellaneous. Some of the items in this category could be moved to others, but ultimately, it’s not about categories, it’s about giving you the ideas and the tools to be able to heat print on pretty much anything that comes through your doors. If a customer brings it in, chances are that there’s a heat transfer vinyl material that will adhere to it and last for a long, long time!


76 – Lanyards 89 – Guitar Cases
77 – Cellphone Cases 90 – Dog Leashes
78 – Camera Straps 91 – Cosmetic Bags
79 – Lens Cloths 92 – Drum Cases
80 – Chef Hats 93 – Wheel Covers
81 – Dog Collars 94 – Laptop Cases
82 – Backdrops 95 – Camera Bags
83 – Dog Sweaters 96 – Flip Flops
84 – Messenger Bags 97 – Tents
85 – Banners 98 – Awnings
86 – Ceramic Mugs 99 – Knife Cases
87 – Can Koozies 100 – Costumes
88 – Backpacks


So what items do you print on regularly that aren’t on one of these lists? I’m sure there are hundreds more ideas floating around out there in niche markets. Take a photo of your unique item and share it with us on social media using the hashtag #SISERNA.

To wrap it all up and give you a takeaway, here is the same chart laid out in a beautiful pdf file for you to print and keep handy.


Heat Transfer Vinyl Items Download

Click the image for a printable .pdf file of the 100 Items You Can Decorate with Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl