12 DIY Projects to Make in April

April may have fewer major holidays and events than March this year, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate! Earth Day is on the horizon, and May holidays like Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day aren’t too far behind. Get a head start on the Spring festivities with these 12 DIY projects to make in April— all of which can be found in Leonardo™ Design Studio!


#1: Welcome Spring Door Sign

Welcome Spring wooden door sign made with acrylic paint and EasyPSV.

March may technically mark the beginning of Spring, but for most of us in the north, we know that real Spring weather doesn’t happen until April. Give Spring a warm welcome with a decorative door sign made with acrylic paint, artificial greenery, and EasyPSV® Starling™!

#2: Spring Flower Jar Decoration

Spring flower decoration made with a cutting board and EasyPSV.

The inside of your home could always use some Spring decor, too! Create a unique piece of wall art with this fun EasyPSV project!

#3: Floral Monogram Tea Towel

Tea towel decorated with monogrammed spring design using HTV.

Speaking of indoor decor, how about the kitchen? Make a floral tea towel (with a personal touch) that’s perfect for Spring with some Sparkle™ HTV!

Earth Day

#4: Recycled Plastic Bottle Planters

Plastic bottles turned into planters and decorated with EasyPSV.

Plastic is usually bad for the environment, but what if it didn’t have to be? Turn those empty water bottles into attractive planters by decorating them with EasyPSV Holographic!

#5: Eco-Friendly Scraps Shirt

Eco-friendly Earth design made from scraps of EasyWeed HTV.

Got EasyWeed® scraps? Don’t throw them away! You can mix and match the different colors to create an eco-friendly t-shirt like the one in this project!

#6: Earth Day Clothes Patch

A clothes patch made with HTV

Finding a hole in your favorite shirt or pair of pants is devastating… or is it? Quickly patch it up while adding some fun flair with the help of HTV!

Cinco de Mayo

#7: Papel Picado Banner

Papel Picado banners made with cardstock.

Cindo de Mayo happens so early in May, it can practically be considered an April holiday. Make sure you’re ready to decorate with a colorful papel picado banner!

#8: Salsa Dipping Bowls

Mild and Hot salsa dipping bowls made with EasyPSV.

Don’t be caught unprepared at your Cinco de Mayo party! With some EasyPSV Starling, you can easily create hot and mild salsa dipping bowls for you and your guests to enjoy.

#9: Tequilla Shot Glasses

Shot glasses decorated with Cinco de Mayo designs using Siser EasyPSV.

Let’s be honest: it doesn’t take long for the tequila to come out during Cinco de Mayo. Make sure you’re ready for it with some appropriately themed shot glasses!

Mother’s Day

#10: Mom’s Eye Mask

Eye mask decorated for mom with EasyWeed HTV.

I think it’s safe to say that all moms deserve a little extra rest. Give her a handmade gift that she’s guaranteed to use again and again!

#11: World’s Best Mama Robe

Mother's Day robe decorated with StripFlock HTV.

The eye mask is a great gift, but mom will have to get up eventually! Make sure she stays comfortable even while awake with a cozy robe exquisitely decorated with StripFlock® Pro!

#12: Mother’s Day Breakfast Tray

Breakfast tray decorated for Mother's Day using EasyPSV.

It’s Mother’s Day— mom shouldn’t have to get out of bed! Serve up breakfast in bed with a little extra pizzaz with an adorable, personalized breakfast tray!

April Showers Means Crafting for Hours!

April might have lots of showers, but rainy days just mean more time for crafting! With these 12 DIY projects to make in April, we made sure that Leonardo Design Studio has plenty of inspiration to keep you occupied all month long.

Each of these projects includes one (or more!) FREE cut files that are available right inside Leonardo Design Studio. Make sure you open the software and login to get access to all these projects and so many others! While you’re there, check out the Design Library for dozens of additional royalty-free Earth Day, Mother’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo cut files ready for you to create with.