12 July DIY Projects in Leonardo®

No matter where you are in North America, things REALLY start to heat up in July! That’s why it’s the perfect time to go on vacation, bust out the grill, get married… or get crafty! Beat the heat with these 12 July DIY Projects in Leonardo® Design Studio!


#1: Certified BBQ Chef Grill Cover

Grill cover decorated with BBQ Chef design using EasyWeed.

Summertime is the perfect time for cooking outdoors! With the grill getting lots of use over the warmer months, you’ll definitely want to keep it protected with a snazzy new grill cover decorated with EasyWeed®!

#2: Fishy Tacklebox

Tacklebox decorated with fish design using EasyPSV.

Fishing is one of those summertime activities that will always stand the test of time! Before you head out onto the lake, why not liven up your tacklebox with a bit of EasyPSV® Starling™?

#3: “Bun’s Out” Grilling Apron

Grilling apron decorated with hotdog design using HTV.

Speaking of grilling, you’re going to need an apron if you plan on becoming a grill master this summer! With a bit of HTV, you can make a grilling apron that will certainly have you be the talk of the cookout!

#4: Beach Necessities Bag

Beach bag decorated with various necessities graphics using HTV.

Headed to the beach? Don’t forget the necessities! Make a beach bag that’s not only functional but looks great too!


#5: Get Lost Hiking Backpack

Hiking backpack decorated with simplistic design using EasyWeed.

Vacationing to the mountains? You’ll need something to carry your gear! Decorate your own hiking backpack with a bit of EasyWeed before you go get lost in nature!

#6: Vacay Vibes Tote

Vacay Vibes tote bag decorated using HTV.

Most airlines allow you to bring a “personal item” on the plane to stow under your seat. Before you head to the airport, you can make this handy bag that you can carry onboard to hold your air travel essentials!

#7: Vacation Journal

Vacation journal decorated with intricate earth design using HTV.

Vacation memories are precious, but it’s hard to remember to write them down while you’re out having fun. Make a convenient journal dedicated to your travels with some HTV! (Your future self will thank you)

#8: Camping Trip Shadowbox

Camping trip memorabilia shadowbox decorated with EasyPSV Etch.

While we’re on the topic of remembering vacations, why not turn your summer camping trip into a work of art with some memorabilia? Create a custom shadowbox with the help of EasyPSV Etch and keep those camping memories alive!


#9: Elegant Wedding Card Frame

Elegant golden wedding card made with the Easy Crease tool.

July is not only right in the middle of summer, but it’s ALSO right in the middle of wedding season! If you’ve got some weddings to attend this year, you may want to make your own elegant cards with the help of the Easy® Crease tool!

#10: Etched Acrylic Wedding Sign

Personalized acrylic wedding sign engraved with the Easy Etch tool.

Perhaps the wedding you’re attending this year is YOUR wedding! Decorate your tables with some simple (yet classy) centerpieces using the handy Easy Etch tool!

#11: Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid proposal box made from cardstock and HTV.

You could ask your friends to be your bridesmaid with an ordinary card… or you could really “wow” them with handmade bridesmaid proposal boxes embellished with the ever-radiant Metal HTV!

#12: Just Married Shirt

"Just Married" t-shirt decorated using Glitter HTV.

Just because the wedding’s over, doesn’t mean that you still can’t be the center of attention for a bit longer! Create a t-shirt with some eye-catching Glitter that lets everyone know that you’re a newlywed!

Feeling hot hot hot!

Things are really heating up now with all this creative inspiration! Use these 12 July DIY projects in Leonardo when you need to take a break in a nicely air-conditioned craft room.

Each of these projects includes one (or more!) FREE cut files that are available right inside Leonardo Design Studio. Make sure you open the software and login to get access to all these projects and so many others! While you’re there, check out the Design Library for dozens of additional royalty-free Summer, vacation, and wedding cut files ready for you to create with.