12 June DIY Projects in Leonardo™

Ahh June… the month that brings longer days, pool weather, and summer vacation. And if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, June also brings us Father’s Day, Juneteenth, and Pride Month! With so much to prepare for, you may find yourself needing these 12 June DIY Projects in Leonardo™ Design Studio!

Father’s Day

#1: Classy Father’s Day Tie

Father's Day necktie decorated with classy design using HTV.

If your dad is anything like mine, then it can be pretty difficult to find the perfect gift to get him for Father’s Day! But you don’t have to overthink it. A tried-and-true tie with a little twist of Metal and StripFlock® Pro is a personalized gift he’ll be proud to wear!

#2: “Papa” Faux Leather Keychain

Faux leather keychain with "papa" design made with EasyWeed.

Sometimes the dad that has everything just wants a little something to remember you by. Make him a heartfelt keychain from faux leather and a bit of HTV! Don’t worry— there’s no stitching required thanks to EasyWeed® Adhesive!

#3: Dad’s Toolbelt

Dad's toolbelt decorated with HTV.

Let’s be real: most handy dads already have their favorite tools. Instead of buying him yet another power drill, how about making him his own dedicated toolbelt with the help of EasyWeed?

Pride Month

#4: Simply Be Human Tee

Pride t-shirt decorated with multiple colors of HTV.

June is also the perfect month to be proud of who you are! Celebrate being human with a 3D rainbow tee made with the wonderful colors of StripFlock Pro and Easy® Puff!

#5: Love Always Wins Cap

Black cap decorated with full-color DTV Pride design.

Love always wins, even when the sun is blazing overhead! Protect yourself from those harsh rays at the next Pride parade or event with a full-color cap decorated with both Brick® 600 and EasyColor™ DTV™!

#6: Pride Spectrum Wooden Sign

Father's Day necktie decorated with classy design using HTV.

Like many things in life, Pride is a spectrum. With the colors of EasyPSV® Starling™, you can make some heartfelt decor to celebrate love all month (or year) long!


#7: Juneteenth Messenger Bag

Messenger bag decorated with Juneteenth HTV patch.

Of course, we can’t talk about June without talking about Juneteenth: the holiday celebrating the abolition of slavery here in the US. Spread the message of this powerful day with a messenger bag featuring a no-sew patch.

#8: Not All Were Free Shirt

T-shirt decorated with "Not all were free" Juneteenth design using HTV.

Some of our country’s history can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about— but that’s exactly why we need to talk about it. Make a tee that emphasizes the importance of Juneteenth and what this holiday stands for.

#9: 1865 Embossed Hat

Black cap decorated with 3D 1865 design using layered StripFlock HTV.

June 19, 1865— the date when the slaves were freed at last. Celebrate this momentous year with a bold new cap.

U.S. Independence Day

#10: American Jean Shorts

Jean shorts decorated with red, white, and blue pockets using HTV.

I know what you’re thinking: “Independence Day isn’t a June holiday!” But because it falls on the 4th of July, you’ll need the month of June to work on those red, white, and blue projects! Start off with some patriotic new jean shorts decorated with StripFlock Pro!

#11: Sparkling Lemonade Drink Dispenser

Lemonade drink dispenser decorated with EasyPSV Glitter and Holographic.

Is the lemonade sparkling, or just the dispenser? Well… why not both? Stay cool and refreshed this Independence Day with a dazzling drink dispenser decorated using EasyPSV Glitter and EasyPSV Holographic!

#12: Fireworks Tie Blanket

Fourth of July fireworks blanket decorated using HTV scraps.

When it’s time to sit down on the grass and watch the fireworks, you’ll need somewhere comfy to sit. But no ordinary blanket will do! Get some use out of those HTV scraps you’ve been holding onto by making a 4th of July blanket!

Summer Craftin’ Happens So Fast!

June is only the beginning of summer crafting, but there’s already so much you can do! Use these 12 June DIY projects in Leonardo to help inspire you to stay creative and celebrate some powerful holidays all month long.

Each of these projects includes one (or more!) FREE cut files that are available right inside Leonardo Design Studio. Make sure you open the software and login to get access to all these projects and so many others! While you’re there, check out the Design Library for dozens of additional royalty-free Father’s Day, Pride, Juneteenth, and Independence Day cut files ready for you to create with.