15 March DIY Projects in Leonardo™

March is a time for change— the days get a little longer, the weather gets a bit warmer, and the trees get a tad greener. But March is also a time for celebration! From St. Patrick’s Day to Easter to Women’s History Month, there’s a LOT happening in this month. So, stick around and check out these 15 March DIY projects you can make in Leonardo™ Design Studio!

St. Patrick’s Day

#1: Celtic Heart Koozie

Celtic Heart Koozie made with Aurora HTV.

You can’t think of March without thinking of St. Patrick’s Day, and you can’t think of St. Patrick’s Day without thinking of drinking (responsibly, of course)! Create this sleek Celtic Heart Koozie using Aurora™ HTV to keep your drinks cool all day long.

#2: St. Paddy’s Tab Payer Hat

St. Patrick's Day "tab payer" hat and ribbon decorated with Siser HTV.

Well… someone’s gotta pay the tab, right? Whether it’s for yourself or a trusted friend, designate the tab payer for the night with this cheeky top hat!

#3: Lucky Wooden Coasters

If you prefer staying in to party rather than heading out, chances are there’s going to be a lot of drinks sitting around. Protect your surfaces with some appropriately themed Lucky Wooden Coasters decorated with EasyWeed® Electric!

Women’s History Month

#4: Feminism Earrings

Faux leather feminism earrings decorated with StripFlock Pro.

March is all about honoring women throughout history and empowering the women in our own lives today. Embrace feminism all month long with a pair of DIY faux leather earrings stylized with StripFlock® Pro!

#5: Women Empowerment Mousepad

Mousepad sublimated with women empowerment design.

A mousepad won’t change the world, but women sure will! Give yourself a message of empowerment every time you use the computer with this Sublimation Marker project.

#6: Women’s History Month Stickers

Women's History Month stickers made using EasyPSV Starling.

Need an easy way to spread the message of women empowerment? Here are some fun stickers you can make with the help of EasyPSV® Starling™! Oh, and they’re dishwasher-safe too!

March Mania

#7: Door Mounted Basketball Hoop

Door mounted basketball hoop made with EasyPSV Starling.

Due to legal reasons, I can’t quite say why basketball is so important this month… so let’s just call it “March Mania”. Get into the spirit and shoot some hoops yourself with this DIY project that you can mount to any door!

#8: Basketball Champions High Top Shoes

Basketball champion high-top shoes decorated with StripFlock Pro.

Got a favorite champion team? Make some snazzy new kicks to honor them with this customizable project using StripFlock Pro!

#9: Basketball Stickers

Basketball themed stickers made with EasyPSV Starling.

Need to get into the basketball mood? Decorate your water bottle, laptop, or so many other objects with some basketball-themed stickers made from EasyPSV Starling! And yes— just like the Women’s History Month stickers, they’re dishwasher-safe!

National Crafting Month

#10: Craft Material Organizer

Shoe organizer transformed into a craft organizer using HTV.

Oh, would you look at that… March is also National Crafting Month! By using a shoe organizer and EasyWeed, you can start the month off right thanks to this DIY project!

#11: Craft in Progress Canvas

Painted craft canvas made using an EasyPSV stencil.

One of the most frustrating parts of crafting is being interrupted. Let everyone know you are not to be disturbed with a colorful Craft in Progress painted canvas!

#12: Craft Queen T-Shirt

Craft Queen t-shirt made with EasyWeed.

Don’t let anyone say you aren’t royalty! Become THE Craft Queen with this fun and easy-to-make t-shirt using various colors of EasyWeed!


#13: Fabric Easter Basket

Fabric Easter basket customized with EasyWeed.

Believe it or not, Easter sometimes falls in the month of March! Make sure you and your kids are ready for the Easter bunny with a customizable fabric basket using the soft and fuzzy StripFlock Pro!

#14: Easter Bunnies Placemats

What’s better: Easter brunch or Easter dinner? #YouDecide. No matter what you choose, make sure the table is set appropriately with these cute placemats decorated with Aurora HTV!

#15: Easter Bunny Canvas

Are you seeking a project that’s a little more advanced? Look no further than this Easter Bunny Canvas! Featuring StripFlock Pro, Brick® 600, AND EasyWeed EcoStretch™, your house will be looking absolutely adorable with this piece of decor.

March on Over to Leonardo and Get Creating!

Wow, this month really is jam-packed with all sorts of holidays and celebrations! With these 15 March DIY projects, you’re sure to be ready for whatever Spring throws at you.

Each of these projects includes one (or more!) FREE cut files that are available Leonardo Design Studio. Make sure you open the software and login to get access to all these projects and so many others! While you’re there, check out the Design Library for over 300 royalty-free Spring themed designs ready for you to create with. “Hoppy” Crafting!