3 Reasons to Upgrade to Leonardo® Design Studio Pro

Leonardo® Design Studio is pretty darn amazing on its own, but we just made it even better! Leonardo Design Studio Pro (or Leo Pro as we affectionately refer to it) is available now for everyone worldwide!

So what’s the big deal and why should you upgrade? Well I can give you 3 reasons! Let’s dive into each of them in this blog post!

Reason #1: More Features

In addition to all the features and tools in the basic version, Leo Pro offers the extended features on the list below for a fraction of the cost than the other guys…

Leonardo® Design Studio Basic vs. Pro features
Features that are exclusive to Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro.

Some of my personal favorite Pro features include: Cone Warp, Tile Array, and Text on Arc. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about these features, or watch them all in action in our YouTube video!

Reason #2: More Free Artwork

In addition to the 3,000 copyright free images in Leonardo Design Studio, Leo Pro has an extra 1,000 premium designs for you to choose from! This is just the start of this ever-expanding library of cut files and we are so excited to watch it grow.

You can tell which file is a premium piece of artwork by the shield icon with a little check mark in the top right corner of each design preview. Here’s a little peek at what the Leo Pro Design Library has to offer…

Scrolling through the Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro Design Library.

Reason #3: More Freedom

Leonardo Design Studio, Romeo™, and Juliet™ have never locked you down to solely Siser® materials. We encourage you to try other materials with the software and machines so you can use what’s best for you and your business. With the addition of being able to export multiple design types, you can now share designs you create in Leo with your friends or sell them in your shop without any hassle.

Here’s just one example of a design the Siser Team has made in Leonardo Design Studio Pro.

A custom design made in Leonardo Design Studio Pro along with the finished t-shirt with Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Are you ready to give Leonardo Design Studio Pro a shot? Keep reading for the quick and easy activation steps…

How to Activate Leonardo Design Studio Pro

Leonardo Design Studio Pro is available now for $8.99 per month. A monthly subscription puts the power in your hands to use the software when you need it. Maybe you only make stuff sporadically or you decide to take a month off from your business for whatever reason- that money is in your pocket instead!

For those of you interested in a yearly subscription, you can now opt in and save! The annual subscription comes at a 10% discount- so you can have access to Leo Pro for less than $100 a year!

Don’t have Leonardo™ Design Studio? New users still get a 7 day free trial- CLICK HERE to download now!

Tell Us What You Think of Leonardo Design Studio Pro

Still missing features you’re looking for? Let us know what your dream Leonardo Design Studio Pro would include, and we’ll do our best to make it a reality! We’ve listened to your feedback so far and plan to keep it up. The best way to tell us what you’re looking for is to send an email to Feedback@SiserNA.com.

If you’re excited about Leonardo Design Studio Pro, tell your friends about the free trial and share our live walkthrough that you can #replay again and again on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube!