Three Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

with Siser® Glitter HTV

Home is where the craft stash isCrafting and hoarding typically go hand in hand. I’m even guilty of creating my own craft stash! The stash got so big I now have a room dedicated to containing it, and if you’re a crafter you probably have a similar story. I try to go through every once in a while and weed out the supplies I don’t need, but to be honest not much makes it to the trash. I’ve discovered it’s much more fun to create a scrap busting project that will make space for even more crafting supplies like the 8 new EasyWeed Stretch colors! You can check them out up close on the Siser North America App.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it’s the perfect time to whip up some easy heart shaped crafts. These bookmarks are a perfect gift for teachers and students, but they could also be used as a business freebie if you add your business name or website to the ribbon or the back of the heart. I had all of the supplies on hand to make three different versions. No shopping required!

Use up your heat transfer vinyl scraps and other odds and ends you're hoarding in your craft stash. These heart shaped bookmarks make cute student or teacher gift for Valentine's Day!


Valentine’s Day Ribbon Bookmark

Step 1: Cut Hearts From Felt and Glitter HTV

Leftover red and pink felt scraps make cute hearts, but adding the Glitter HTV makes them so much more special. You can use any vinyl cutter to cut out the hearts. If you don’t know the Glitter cut settings for your machine visit the Brother ScanNCut Tutorial, Cricut Explore tutorial, or Silhouette Cameo tutorial. I ended up hand cutting the felt, and you could even hand cut the heat transfer vinyl into hearts to make this project with no machine necessary.

DIY Glitter heat transfer vinyl and felt craft

Step 2: Iron Glitter HTV Onto Felt

For the best stick when ironing HTV use the “Cotton” setting with no steam. Additionally, iron on a solid, flat surface that can take the heat. When your iron is hot, cover your application area with a heat transfer cover sheet. That scrap piece of cotton in your craft room will work too! Press firmly for 10-15 seconds and wait a few moments before removing the carrier.

Glitter's carrier should be peeled a few moments after heat applying


Step 3: Glue Ribbon to Heart

I had my hot glue gun laying around for this project, but you can use whatever glue gets the job done! I attached a piece of 1/2″ ribbon that’s about 15″ long, and the book mark is completed!

Hot Glue ribbon to Valentine's Day bookmark

A simple DIY Valentine's Day bookmark

Easy DIY heart bookmark for Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day Paperclip Bookmark

Steps 1 and 2: Repeat

Follow the steps from the ribbon book mark tutorial to create a Glitter heart.

Step 3: Glue Paperclip to Heart

Hot glue a paper clip to the back of the heart. Hide the glue with a small circle of felt in the same color as the heart.

Hot glue paper clip and felt together

Use your heart paperclip to mark your spot in a book or to corral love notes!

DIY Valentine's Day heart paper clip bookmark


Valentine’s Day Corner Bookmark

Step 1: Cut two 2.5″ Felt Squares

Trim the edges of the squares to a heart shape and follow Steps 1 and 2 in the ribbon book mark tutorial to heat apply a Glitter decoration. I chose a sweet hugs and kisses message but you could put whatever you want!

Heat applying Glitter heat transfer vinyl to a felt heartRemove the clear carrier after heat application






Step 2: Repeat

Follow Steps 1 and 2 in the ribbon book mark tutorial to heat apply a Glitter decoration. I chose a sweet hugs and kisses message but you could put whatever you want!

Step 3: Glue the Straight Edges Together

By just gluing the straight edges together you create a little pocket that fits book page corners.

Create a heart pocket bookmark with hot glue and felt

Wouldn’t want to lose your place in your new romance novel, right?

Fast DIY Valentine's Day bookmark

What are you making with Siser HTV for Valentine’s Day? Tell us about it in the comments! If you need more inspiration check out our Pinterest Board: Valentines’s Day HTV Ideas