Three Things You Can Combine with EasyWeed® Adhesive

Have you tried EasyWeed® Adhesive? This product is essentially the heat activated adhesive without the colored HTV skin. It may not look like much, but this product packs a creative punch! Keep reading for three different things you can combine EasyWeed Adhesive with to make thousands of different projects.


Combo #1: Screen Print Foils

Half plain EasyWeed® Adhesive and half covered in screen print foil

1/2 plain EasyWeed® Adhesive and 1/2 covered with a patterned screen print foil.

On it’s own, EasyWeed Adhesive is semi opaque and glossy once heat applied. Although the effect is neat, the adhesive needs to covered with something in order to wash and dry without sticking to itself. The most common way to cover the adhesive is with screen print foils. This blog post goes into detail about how to apply foil on top of EasyWeed Adhesive.

Peeling the crinkled screen print foil away from EasyWeed® Adhesive.

Screen print foils have a lot of names: 2 step foil, Deco Foil, Magic Foil, etc. but they’re all pretty much the same thing! They come in all kinds of colors and patterns, but if you can’t find one that fits your fancy, you can create your own color mixture by crumpling the first foil color and filling in the gaps with a second color of foil like I did on this tote bag.

2 colors of foil applied on top of EasyWeed® Adhesive.

You can even create multicolor styles like Authorized Distributors, The Rhinestone World, did with 5 colors of foil:


Combo #2: Fabrics

EasyWeed® Adhesive fabric applique with Glitter HTV outline.

One of my favorite ways to use this product is with fabric! You can create an applique with cotton fabric like I did in this blog post or a felt applique like I made in this video!


EasyWeed Adhesive can even be paired with leather to create a patch like Patrick did in this video:


Finally, don’t forget about no sew projects like this scent sachet that was cut with the Cricut Maker.

No sew scent sachet made with EasyWeed® Adhesive.

Combo #3: Heat Transfer Vinyl

Mixing Glitter HTV with EasyWeed® Adhesive and foil.

Mixing Glitter HTV with EasyWeed® Adhesive and foil.

Accent HTV with EasyWeed Adhesive and foil or fabric for a multidimensional appearance! You can practice mixing materials with the FREE CUT FILE HERE.

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