5 DIY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day is near, you can really start to feel the love in the air… and the panic! Picking out the perfect gift to make your sweetie feel special can be a daunting task, especially if you want to do something a little more unique than the basic box of chocolates. Don’t worry— we’ll help you wow your significant other with 5 DIY gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that can all be found in Leonardo™ Design Studio!

#1: Create a Wilt-Free Bouquet

Valentine's Day roses made from paper and pipe cleaners.

Paper Roses

Flowers seem to make everyone smile… until they start to wilt. Skip the hectic flower shops and make your Valentine a beautiful paper bouquet that will last for years instead of days!

#2: Sweeten Up Your Sweetie

Cellophane treat backs decorated with Valentine's Day design using EasyPSV.

Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Does your sweetie have a sweet tooth? Gift them their favorite snacks in hand-made treat bags with this quick EasyPSV® Starling™ project! If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll even share with you…

#3: Handcraft a Heartfelt Surprise

Papercraft exploding gift box decorated with Glitter HTV.

Surprise Heart Exploding Box

Looking to REALLY surprise your Valentine? Here’s a papercraft using Glitter HTV that will unveil an adorable heart ornament when opened! (Don’t worry, it doesn’t *actually* explode)

#4: Turn a Bottle of Wine into a Romantic Gift

Wine gift bag decorated with Sparkle HTV.

Valentine’s Day Wine Bag

Is your Valentine a wine connoisseur? With a little bit of Sparkle™ HTV, this gift will surely have them smiling… and they might just pour you a glass, too!

#5: Add Some Character to a Box of Chocolates

Box of Valentine's Day chocolates decorated with heart-shaped cartoon character usign EasyPSV.

V-Day Heart Shaped Box Cover

Okay, I may have called a box of chocolates “basic” earlier. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! With a bit of EasyPSV Starling, you can liven up any heart-shaped box using this cute project!

Go Spread the Love!

No matter what your Valentine likes, Siser has plenty of DIY gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that are sure to warm their heart!

Don’t forget to explore Leonardo Design Studio for even more Inspiration Projects and check out the Design Library for over 100 royalty-free Valentine’s Day themed cut files ready for you to create with!