5 Ways to Use HTV Scraps

Even the largest rolls of vinyl eventually get sheeted, weeded, and what’s left often gets wasted. But every scrap can still serve a purpose! Making the most of materials is good for business, so we put together 5 ideas for you to use up your scraps of Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Idea #1: Tiny Scraps for Tiny Blanks

Small scraps can make mini blanks oh so special! Make a matching outfit for your daughter’s doll or decorate hair ribbons, bows, and scrunchies.

Idea #2: Turn Scraps Into a Sheet

Create your own custom color combo when you use a piece of carrier mask. You can re-use the clear, sticky sheet that comes attached to most HTV, or you can purchase it separately as plain ol’ TTD Mask.

To create this multicolor effect, cut strips of each color and attach them to the sticky mask. When you place the scraps on the mask sheet, be sure the carrier side of the scrap is face down. Then cut, weed, and apply as usual to make your own multicolor creation from a mound of leftover materials!

Watch how it works in this quick video from our Instagram.

Idea #3: Divide and Conquer with a Cutting Mat

Cut multiple colors at 1 time by strategically using your cutting mat. Place scraps within the grid of the cutting mat and line up your artwork in the software to match the cutting locations.

This works best with materials of similar thicknesses, so you can adjust the blade and cut setting just once. Send the design and watch as the cutter makes quick work of each color without having to load and unload for each element of the design!

See how it's done with Leonardo Design Studio in the video below.

Idea #4: Handcut a Custom Mosaic

This one takes a little more time, but the end result is so rewarding! Use your vinyl cutter, (we’re partial to Juliet™ of course) to cut the mosaic outline and weed out the excess with an EasyWeeder®. Then grab your scraps and scissors to custom fit your mosaic pieces. When all your slivers have been sliced, carefully heat apply the scraps (using the mosaic outline as a guide) before covering the gaps with the HTV outline to finish off your one-of -a-kind masterpiece!

You can watch how it works in this video from our Facebook page.

Idea #5: Add Some Stitches

A little bit of stitching can go a long way with some scraps of HTV! Small pieces are perfect for all kinds of projects like tea towels, onesies, patches, and much more!

If you weren’t a scrap saver before, I bet you are now! And if you have a bunch of scraps, I hope this post got you excited to bust your stash! With a few scraps and a heap of creativity, you can turn that pile into finished projects.

Did any of these ideas spark your interest, or maybe you have a scrap hack of your own- tell me about in the comments below!

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