How to Use Siser® Easy® Puff Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Puff up the party with this popular product that now features a shiny gold or silver appearance! Easy® Puff Metallic is the heat transfer vinyl that will make your designs pop off the garment. With a tactile raised texture and terrific shine, you need to give this stuff a try to see why everyone is so hooked! Available in silver or gold, these two classics can cover a lot of ground. 

You may remember our previous product, Easy Puff, which offers over 20 standard colors (including 3 neons!) and is still available for all your puffy vinyl needs! While Easy Puff and Easy Puff Metallic’s cut settings are pretty much the same, the heat application is quite different. You’re going to have to do a little extra work for that shiny pay off, but it’s worth it- and way easier than you might think! Let’s walk through the steps together and I’ll bet you get comfortable with the process. Before we begin, here’s the supplies I would recommend gathering for your first Easy Puff Metallic project.  

Supplies for an Easy® Puff Metallic project including the Juliet cutter, EasyWeeder®, cotton t-shirt, cover sheet, and Easy® Puff Metallic of course.


How to Cut Easy Puff Metallic

The cool thing about Easy Puff is it's actually not puffy until it’s heat applied. So when cutting the material it's in flat, smooth sheets like the other HTV you’re used to working with. For Easy Puff Metallic, you will want to load the sheet or roll into your cutter so that the shiny/carrier side is face down. If you’re using Romeo or Juliet then there’s no need to worry about a cutting mat, but you'll want to make sure your pinch rollers are in the right place.

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Once the material is in place, check your 45° blade (60° for finer detail!) to ensure it’s clean and extended just past the tip of the red blade holder. Then adjust your cut settings. You can find cut settings on our website or even more conveniently- our app!

Cut settings for Easy® Puff Metallic displayed on Juliet's touch screen.

Now before you run off to the races, please perform a test cut. Position the blade over the edge of the material, press the t-shirt shape in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and... BOOM- you have a quick little t-shirt shape test cut! Weed this small shape to see if any adjustments are needed. If so, that’s ok! The age of your blade and how often it is used will begin to change the amount of cut force that’s needed. However, if you’re going up in force excessively, it might be time to think about switching to a new blade.  

Sheets of EasyPSV® Metallic silver and gold with weeded test cuts.

When you’re satisfied with the test cut, you can send your design to the cutter. Make sure the design is mirrored (flipped horizontally) so text and images appear backwards before cutting though! 

How to Weed Easy Puff Metallic 

Once the design is completely cut, remove the material from the cutter and trim off any excess to save for later projects. Then pick up your EasyWeeder or EasyTweezers and use it to peel away the last of the excess. Easy Puff Metallic has a sticky carrier so weeding is simple and hassle free.

Weeding Easy® Puff Metallic Heat Transfer Material.

How to Apply Easy Puff Metallic 

After all the excess has been removed, you’re ready to heat apply! That is if you remembered to turn the Heat Press on (oops- we've all been there!) Set your Heat Press to 280°F/138°C and the timer to 10 seconds. While the heat press is warming up, place the garment and close the press to test the pressure. Easy Puff Metallic needs a medium pressure to apply properly.

This product does require more precise settings (that only a heat press can achieve!) so for that reason we do not recommend using a home iron.

Applying Easy® Puff Metallic on a cotton t-shirt with the Siser® Craft Heat Press.

Once your pressure is sorted out and your Heat Press is hot, it’s time to get puffing! Place the Easy Puff Metallic on the garment with the carrier side up so you’re looking at that lovely shine. Then cover the area with a heat transfer cover sheet or parchment paper. Now here’s where that little extra work is going to come in to get the perfect puff. Press for 8-10 seconds and peel the carrier hot- do not remove the garment from the heat press! Replace the heat transfer cover sheet or parchment paper and press for an additional 8-10 seconds. This 2 press process is necessary for Easy Puff Metallic to be as majestic as possible.  

Make the Most of Easy Puff Metallic 

After the 2 step Heat Press process is complete, your left with 1 trendy tricked out garment. The best part? Easy Puff Metallic stays puffy and pretty even after machine washing!

Our standard wash settings are recommended for this product: 

  • Wait 24 hours before first wash 
  • Machine Wash Warm or Cold with Mild Detergent 
  • Dry on Normal Dryer Setting 
  • Do not dry clean. Liquid Fabric Softener not recommended
Dream Big logo made from Easy® Puff Metallic gold and silver applied on a hot pink cotton t-shirt.

So what do you think- are you ready to witness the magic of Easy Puff Metallic with your own eyes? This product is available through most Authorized Distributors and Resellers. Reach out to us at to find a distributor if needed.

In the meantime, watch our YouTube video below for more of the mesmerizing Easy Puff Metallic!