Tools and Accessories

Everything You Need to Make HTV and EasyPSV® Easier!

Siser has a number of time saving – and project saving heat transfer vinyl and pressure sensitive vinyl accessories to help make your decorating go as smoothly and easily as possible. The Siser Weeder helps you quickly and comfortably remove excess material from all styles of vinyl: heat transfer, digital media, as well as pressure sensitive vinyl. Our squeegee helps to remove unwanted air bubbles from your designs when masking and applying ColorPrint and EasyPSV® materials. Plus our Heat Transfer Cover Sheets and Multipurpose paper give you the confidence that you can heat apply anything while keeping your garments pristine. Not to mention our variety of Heat Transfer Pillows that can help you accomplish even the trickiest projects! From beginner to expert, these vinyl accessories are a perfect addition to any creator’s space.

Siser Weeder

Siser Weeder

This durable stainless steel tool will not bend or break when weeding designs and can be sharpened if necessary. The Siser Weeder features a comfortable rubber grip and allows you to weed Heat Transfer Vinyl and Pressure Sensitive Vinyl with speed and accuracy - even in small cavities!
Heat Transfer Pillows

Heat Transfer Pillows

Achieve even pressure with Siser’s Heat Transfer Pillows! The Heat Transfer Pillows have a soft foam core covered by our non-stick Heat Transfer Cover Sheet material. Most commonly used to even out pressure while heat applying garments with zippers, buttons, seams, hoodies, etc.
Multipurpose Paper

Multipurpose Paper

The name says it all! Multipurpose Paper can serve as a cover sheet on top of HTV or can be used under the carrier to store weeded transfers.The glossy side will protect your press' upper platen. Multipurpose paper lasts through multiple uses, but should be replaced when torn or creased.
Heat Transfer Cover Sheet

Heat Transfer Cover Sheet

This is the most popular reusable non-stick cover sheet in the industry. Heat Transfer Cover Sheets protect your garment from direct contact with your heating element, HTV that’s been applied and no longer has a carrier, as well as the heat platen of your heat press or home iron.
Siser Squeegee


Remove unwanted air bubbles and smooth out your TTD Masks and EasyPSV® Application Tape with this handy plastic squeegee. Recommended for use on all Siser Digital Media, EasyPatterns®, and EasyPSV® products.
Siser pizza Box

"Pizza Box" Sales Tool

Our “Pizza Box” kit is actually a very handy sales tool. This kit travels easily with the attached handle and unfolds to display every Siser color in every material available. Customers can see, feel, and experience each of the materials for themselves!
Siser Decor8 Magazine

Decor8™ Craft Magazine

Siser’s DECOR8™ Magazine shows useful tips and tricks for decorating, as well as settings for most craft cutters. Looking for new items to apply your designs to? We show you tons of examples!
Siser Color Guide

Color Guide

Siser’s Color Guides show each of our materials by using real color swatches. If you need to match a color to a design or with a customers' sample, the color guide is your perfect resource. Available from Distributors and Resellers, this handy tool will help you nail the color every time!