Basketball Jersey with EasyWeed Extra and Glitter!

Q: What do you get when you combine EasyWeed Extra, Glitter and a purple basketball jersey?
A: A trend-setting jersey with looks straight from a fashion magazine!

So you say you’re tired of looking like everyone else in the league and you just want to be different, huh? If you want your team to stand out on the court, field or ice, then you need to step outside your comfort zone and try something a little different. That’s exactly what we did with this basketball jersey. The design was drawn up, cleaned and digitized in CorelDraw (Illustrator could also be used). Once I had all the cut lines, I sent them to a Roland GX-24 cutter. Because, as good as I think I am at hand cutting heat transfer vinyl, I’m really not. After weeding, I applied the white EasyWeed Extra heat transfer vinyl base layer followed by the orange basketball (also EasyWeed Extra). Next was the Hot Pink Glitter for the wording! Capping it all off, is the addition of Black Glitter around the ball. It’s not very often you see black glitter on a basketball jersey – or any jersey for that matter. Sure, it’s not for everyone… and in actual team play, it might get your team banned from the game… but it’s all about the look isn’t it? That’s why Dennis Rodman has a small jewelry store stuck in his face… It’s all about the look people! Love it or hate it, it’s definitely different! So if you’re looking for something outside the box for your next jersey, try some crazy materials like Glitter. If you’re more of a print and cut type of person, check out some of Siser’s print and cut materials and get creative and mix & match them with Glitter or StripFlock or Holographic…You’ll be the most stylish player in the game!