3 Ways to Use EasyWeed® Adhesive

3 Project Ideas for EasyWeed® Adhesive Can you believe it's been 4 years since we launched EasyWeed® Adhesive? The product is essentially the heat activated adhesive without the colored HTV skin. It may not look like much, but this product packs a creative punch! Keep reading for 3 different ways you can use EasyWeed Adhesive! [...]

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Reverse Weeding: What, When, and Why?

Reverse Weeding Vinyl Explained First off, if you're not sure what weeding is-  then you need to read our beginner glossary here. If you're familiar with weeding, then keep reading for this nifty trick!   What is Reverse Weeding? A few years back, Joe showed how Reverse Weeding is a technique that can be used [...]

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5 Custom Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Custom Gifts You can Make with Siser® Vinyl for Father's Day There's all kinds of dad's out there, so we thought we'd provide 5 different kinds of gifts you can make with Siser® heat transfer vinyl and adhesive vinyl. If you're stumped on what to make for Father's Day, keep reading for 5 DIY [...]

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3 Ways to Fix HTV Mistakes

3 Ways to Fix Your Heat Transfer Vinyl Mistakes Mistakes happen! Keep your cool when working with vinyl- there's almost always a way to fix things. Today we're sharing our top three different ways to come back from an HTV mistake.   Fix #1: Remove It Some mistakes (such as spelling errors) just have to [...]

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How to Fake the Layered Look

How to "Layer" Heat Transfer Vinyl That's Not Recommended for Layering Most Siser® heat transfer vinyl (like our #1 EasyWeed®) can be directly layered right on top of more HTV, but there are a few special products that don't play nice with others. What do you do with those tricky materials? We recommend the Knock [...]

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5 Tips for Siser® EasyPatterns® HTV

How to Successfully Use Siser® EasyPatterns® Heat Transfer Vinyl Patterns punch up every design! Get our top tips for working with Siser EasyPatterns HTV and make your next shirt stand out from the solids! Tip #1: Test Cut, Test Cut, Test Cut! Place Siser EasyPatterns on your vinyl cutter so that the pattern side is [...]

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