Consider Siser Brick for your next embellishment project.

Siser Brick- you know, that really thick heat transfer vinyl

A common response I receive from customers when they see or feel Brick is “I would never put Brick on a shirt, it’s too thick!” I can’t help but agree with their assessment. Using Brick for a full front on a shirt is not really advised, unless you want to wear the heaviest shirt on the planet. Nobody wants that.

What I do suggest using Brick for is to embellish your shirt with small designs. The three dimensional composition of Brick will make your design really pop. A little bit can make a big impact!

Siser Brick heat transfer vinyl left chest embellishment.

Siser Brick creates eye popping designs because of it’s 3D effect.

The above image is White and Black Brick applied to a Cotton, Modal, and Spandex shirt. The dimensions of the design are 3.5″w x 3.8″h, just large enough for the left chest of this size small long sleeve shirt.

Despite its name, Brick, this heat transfer vinyl feels more like rubber than concrete; making it bendable and little bit stretchy.

Now there are numerous other substrates, that you won’t exactly be wearing on your body, that can be decorated with large designs cut in Brick (e.g. bags, shoes, hats, stadium seats, etc.)  This product will help you go against the mainstream in the world of decorating!

This video shows how we suggest you apply Siser Brick. We just so happen to show a left chest embellishment in the video! Check it out here.