Custom Valentine’s Day Scrubs

How to Customize Scrubs with EasyWeed Who will you be showing some love to this Valentine's Day? Your first answer probably wasn't "my nurse!", but medical professionals often work holidays and they deserve a little extra affection too! I remember when I was little and thought the best part about becoming a medical worker was [...]

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How to Heat Press A Wrap Around Design

Whale Hello There Wrap Around T-Shirt and thanks for stopping by the Siser Blog! We're always experimenting with fun ways to use heat transfer vinyl that we can share with you. If you've used heat transfer vinyl before the most likely thing you applied it on is a t-shirt. Maybe you did a left chest [...]

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DIY Personalized Pillowcases with an Iron or Heat Press

How to Make Custom Pillowcases for Him and Her (or anyone!) ← Does this remind you of anyone? We all know someone (if not ourselves!) who have a special relationship with their pillow. In their spare moments they can be found snuggled up and possibly snoozing with their pillow. Give those dozing dears a gift [...]

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How to Use NEW 12 Inch EasyWeed with the Silhouette Roll Feeder

Introducing 12"x 5 yard EasyWeed Rolls EasyWeed can now perfectly fit your 12" Silhouette, Cricut, or Brother Scan N Cut cutting mat with no trimming required! I'm really excited about this new offering because not only does it save you production time and create less wasted material; 12 inch EasyWeed rolls are also compatible with [...]

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DIY Blaze Orange Deer Hunting Hat

Custom Deer Hunting Beanie with Iron On EasyWeed HTV The closest I've ever been to hunting is watching the classic Looney Tunes episode, "Rabbit Fire." Wherein Bugs and Daffy aim to convince Elmer Fudd that their counterpart is in season. Eventually they turn the tables altogether and declare it "Elmer Season." While I'm content to [...]

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