ColorPrint Aurora being printed on a large format digital printer

ColorPrint Aurora™ - Digital Media

Print and Cut and Color-Shift, Too!

Searching for a way to add some color-shifting surrealness to your full-color images? Look no further than ColorPrint Aurora™! This iridescent film gleams in the light as the material moves, appearing to change color right before your eyes! Made with the same glistening, woven finish as our Aurora HTV line, this material has the added benefit of working with Solvent, Eco-Solvent, and UV printer systems! If you want your printed images to be as jaw-dropping as the Northern Lights, then ColorPrint Aurora is the Digital Media for you!

ColorPrint Aurora is a PU composition.
Not compatible with inkjet, toner, or sublimation printers.

CPSIA Certified

Eco-Solvent Inks Solvent Based Inks 170 Microns / 6.69 Mils  

ColorPrint Aurora Shirt Design

Printable Material

 ColorPrint Aurora™ 

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Cotton / Poly Blends

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