image showing someone applying heat transfer vinyl to a shirt using the siser craft press

The Siser® Craft Heat Press

You can finally put down the home iron and move on to an affordable alternative!

Home irons and hand held presses are great when you're starting out or if you want to press a few items every so often, but when you start to decorate garments for other people or you decide to start a business making custom shirts, those pressing methods will probably slow you down. It's time for you to step up to a Craft Heat Press! Instead of investing hundreds of dollars on a bulkier press, why not start off with a smaller alternative? The Siser Craft Heat Press is a 9" x 12" press that's perfect for starting out, as a second press for your home or shop, or even as a travel press for craft fairs and sporting events. You can press many kinds of designs with this small form factor press and ensure that the designs will stay put wash after wash. The Siser Craft Heat Press enables you to get perfect pressure, consistent temperatures, and precise pressing times that garner great looking results every time! Works wonderfully with all Siser HTV materials including EasyWeed®, Glitter, Holographic, StripFlock® Pro, and EasySubli®.       Click here to download the Craft Heat Press manual.

Craft Heat Press Icons

Perfect for applying HTV and EasySubli® designs to:

Craft Heat Press Icons
Craft Heat Press adjustment Craft Heat Press grip Craft Heat Press display
Adjustable pressure allows you to apply
on items of varying thickness.
 Foam grip helps reduce hand fatigue Digital display allows for easy time and temperature adjustment
Gas-assist struts allow for smooth operation
on items of varying thickness.
 9" x 12" platens are perfect for full-front designs Compact size fits almost anywhere and is perfect as a travel press

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