How to Iron on EasyWeed Stretch to Canvas Shoes

Dr. Seuss is famous for slinging silly sentences while delivering heart warming messages such as: be true to yourself,  everyone deserves to be treated equally, and never stop learning.The last sentiment rings in the ears of students and teachers as they start to head back to the classroom this fall. Start the first day of school on the right foot with custom canvas shoes. Dr. Seuss shoes are fun for teachers or students looking for an inspiring way to start the day. Dr. Seuss is right, you should never stop learning, so read on to learn how to iron on heat transfer vinyl to create custom canvas shoes!

Start by choosing your pair of canvas shoes. For easiest application you will want the shoe to have a large, seamless surface to apply to. The best spot is usually the toe of the shoe.

Plain, black canvas shoes

Next, measure the area you plan on applying to. Once you know your measurements you can size your design proportionately.

I created my designs within Silhouette Studio. I resized my mat in the program so that it was the same size as the toe of my shoe. Then I typed out a Dr.Seuss quote and arranged, flipped, and stretched each word separately until I liked the way it looked and it all fit into my mat space. For the other shoe, Dr.Seuss clip art wasn’t hard to find and I traced the hat and tie into the program. After all that, I flipped my text and image horizontally.

To cut out the design, you will need to first place your HTV with the shiny side on to the sticky cutting mat. The shiny side, also know as the carrier side, has the adhesive needed to transform your plain canvas shoes into custom canvas shoes. Now, load the cutting mat into the Silhouette Cameo. My usual cut settings for EasyWeed Stretch are Blade: 2, Speed: 5, Thickness: 4, but because of the small words I slowed my Speed down to 3. Make sure to do your own test cut to see if my settings line up with yours. Everyone’s blade wear is different and a test cut saves you from wasting material because of improper cuts.

When the Silhouette Cameo is finished cutting, unload your material and get to weeding! I was amazed by how small the Silhouette Cameo can cut! I have words in my design that are less than a centimeter tall! The Siser Weeder was an invaluable tool for this project since I had so many small cavities to weed.

Red EasyWeed Stretch being weeded

When all the excess vinyl is removed, set your iron between the cotton and linen settings and prepare your shoes for heat application. To protect your fingers and your shoes you’re going to need a few special tools. Heat press pillows are great for maintaining accurate pressure on your heat press, but they’re also a useful tool for building up the toe of your shoe. I folded a 10×10 heat press pillow and inserted it into the shoe. In addition to the pillow you’ll also need a heat transfer cover sheet. The cover sheet adds a heat protective layer between your iron and the shoe.

One of the benefits of EasyWeed Stretch is that it has a pressure sensitive carrier(that’s just a fancy way of saying it’s sticky.) This allows me to stick my transfer onto the shoe without it shifting.

Positioning EasyWeed Stretch on canvas shoes

When you like the position of the material, slide your hand into the shoe and under the heat press pillow. Add the heat transfer cover sheet on top of your shoe and, while pressing firmly with your iron, push the hand inside the shoe against the pillow into the iron. The heat transfer pillow will protect your fingers from the heat of the iron and create a flat surface for heat application. If you’re still worried about the safety of your fingers, fold an additional cover sheet and insert it into the shoe to create an extra heat barrier.

Ironing EasyWeed Stretch onto canvas shoes

I repeated this process for each layer of heat transfer vinyl pressing my iron for 15 seconds at a time until everything was adhered. To ensure your material is really stuck on, remove the carrier sheets, recover with a heat transfer cover sheet and press everything again for 15 seconds while really focusing on any edges or corners in your design. Be careful while you’re pressing to make sure you are not accidentally melting any plastic or rubber pieces of your shoe.

Peeling the carrier sheet from EasyWeed Stretch

Oh the places you’ll go in these custom canvas shoes! Dr.Seuss shoes are not only perfect for the first day of school, they can be worn on days you need a little extra confidence, and of course you’ll have to bring them out for Read Across America Day (an annual celebration on Dr. Seuss’s birthday.)

Custom canvas shoes inspired by Dr. Seuss

Stay true to yourself this school year by creating your own pair of custom canvas shoes. You’ll be sure to step into the classroom with confidence. I hope you learned something new today!

Oh the places you'll go in these custom canvas shoes! Layer Siser EasyWeed™ Stretch for the Cat in the Hat's infamous at, plus a Dr.Seuss quote, could it get even better? Well it does, because you can make your own pair at home with your craft cutter (We use the Silhouette Cameo for this tutorial, but your Cricut or Brother ScanNCut will work as well!)Teachers and students will love these for the first day of school or any other time of the yearIron on any design, quote, or image to a pair of canvas shoes for a style that is completely your own. For more innovative ideas, tips, and tricks for Siser heat transfer vinyl visit the Siser Blog!