Quick Personalized Headbands with EasyWeed Stretch and a Hair Straightener

Custom headbands only take minutes to create, but make a lasting impression. No one would hardly guess you made them at home or even on the go. Because of the hair straightener’s portability you could bring pre-cut heat transfers and whip up a few headbands while at gymnastics practice or during an all day cheer competition.

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Measure Your Headbands 

My headband measure 2 inches wide, so I will need to make my design a little smaller than 2 inches to give myself a safe margin.

Step 2: Cut out your design

EasyWeed Stretch is super flexible and retains its shape, making it the perfect heat transfer vinyl for one size fits all headbands.

A Silhouette Cameo cuts white EasyWeed Stretch for custom headbands

On a Silhouette Cameo, EasyWeed Stretch can be cut with the blade exposed at 3, Speed set to 5, and Thickness set to 5.

Step 3: Weed your design

If your design is particularly intricate with small cutouts you may want to take advantage of the EasyWeed Heat Press Weeding Trick. Otherwise, all you need to do is remove all the unnecessary vinyl with your Siser Weeder.

Step 4: Heat Apply

I’m using the Revlon® Perfect Heat® hair straightener with a one inch platen. This flat iron can reach temperatures up to 430°F! Much higher heat than we will ever need, but the digital temperature screen and plus or minus buttons let you adjust the temperature easily. I checked the temperature of the flat iron with a laser temperature gun. The upper and lower platen had slightly different temperate read outs, and neither quite made it to the full 330°F of the setting, but since EasyWeed Stretch should be applied at 305°F we’re right in the ballpark.

Comparing heat platens on a Revlon Perfect Heat hair straightener

Line up your design on the headband, cover it with a heat transfer cover sheet, and then press the center first. This will tack down the design in your original placement and keep it from slipping and sliding. Once you’ve pressed the center for 15 seconds open the hair straightener and clamp it down again on the next section of the design. Heat apply each section for 15 seconds. Do not slide the flat iron across the design. As habitual as it may feel to slide the iron it can move your applique and cause improper pressure.

Personalizing headbands with Siser heat transfer vinyl and a Revlon Perfect Heat Hair Straightener

When each section has been applied remove the carrier sheet. If any vinyl lifts with the carrier sheet, simply press it back down and heat apply that section for another 5-10 seconds.

Personalized headbands created with Siser EasyWeed Stretch and a Revlon Perfect Heat flat iron

Do you recognize the Siser Running Club headband from Siser N.A.’s Running Man Challenge? You can see the video on our Facebook and Instagram. The matching shirt and pants can be found in my previous posts Siser Sheds Light on Athletic Apparel and The Key to Custom Performance Wear.

So there you have it, one of a kind headbands created in a few quick minutes.This project would be great for using up your EasyWeed Stretch scrap stash. Use scraps to create a few monogram headbands as gifts or make some one of a kind products for your Etsy shop.

Any way you create it, we’d love to see. Share your HTV creations on Instagram with #SiserNA.

 DIY Headbands tutorial using a flat iron and Siser heat transfer vinyl. siserblog.com Make your own heat transfer vinyl headbands with a flat iron and Siser HTV. See how it's done in this quick tutorial! siserblog.com