Custom Laptop Case with Siser EasyWeed Extra and a Home Iron!

Nowadays, everywhere you look, everyone is either on a laptop or a phone or a tablet of some kind. The thing is though, that all these devices look the same. There’s no personality. Well, now we can give you the tools to make all the laptop (and by association, tablet) cases in the world look amazing! We found this great looking laptop case at our local Five Below store for… believe it or not, the low, low price of only $5.00! Add in a few cents worth of EasyWeed Extra and you get a laptop case that looks like a million bucks! Seriously though, if you have any kind of vinyl cutter like a Cricut, Cameo or larger offerings from Roland or Graphtec, and a home iron or heat press, you can make one just like this. Well, you’d probably want some other logo on your laptop case… unless you REALLY want to show some Siser love and use this specific logo (available here)! I sketched out the design and digitized it in CorelDraw and then cut it on a Roland GX-24. Once we had the cut and weeded design, it was applied to the laptop case using a home iron. The process was documented here in this application video.