Custom Logo for Barbecue Smoke House cut in Siser EasyWeed

Creating a custom logo or design can be a very involved process. Many things factor into what a logo or design should look like. Subject matter is one of the most important factors. On subject matter, I was thinking about getting barbecue for lunch the other day and it got me to thinking about names for barbecue joints. This fictitious company started out being called “The Heavenly Hog” and had the pig in the upright position (and alive). I made a quick sketch of what I wanted to achieve. Once I had the sketch done, I started the digitizing process. While digitizing, I played with the name and changed it to “The Divine Swine” and flipped the pig upside down and rendered him lifeless by replacing his eye with an “X”.

Custom Logo Cut in EasyWeed

Original Sketch for Heavenly Hog custom logo

Once the custom logo was completed, I cut the design using Siser EasyWeed on a Roland cutter. A quick trip around the mylar with a weeder and I had my final cut design.

Custom Logo being weeded

Weeding the custom logo

Once the weeding was done, I applied the custom logo to a V-neck t-shirt and peeled the carrier off while hot.

Custom logo applied to t-shirt

Peeling the carrier from the applied custom logo

Here’s a shot of The Divine Swine custom logo finished on the press.

design finished

My design finished on the press

Here’s a detail shot of the pig in my design. Lots of detail especially in the tiny nose shape.

Custom logo closeup

Closeup of the “Divine Swine” himself.

And heres’ the finished design as worn by our trusty silver mannequin “Manny”!

Custom logo on mannequin

Finished design on “Manny” the mannequin.

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