Unlock the World of Custom Performance Wear

Stretching your muscles helps relieve aches and pains and prevents injury, but stretching your HTV can result in tears and warped images. Unless you choose EasyWeed Stretch that is. EasyWeed Stretch was designed with performance wear in mind. It stretches with the garment, but still retains its shape which is amazing considering EasyWeed Stretch is the thinnest of all Siser heat transfer vinyls.

EasyWeed Stretch is a great choice for all types of custom performance wear, including tops and bottoms. Keep reading to see just how easy it is to create custom work out capris!

To begin, I measured my pant leg which came out to be 18 inches. My Silhouette cutting mat is only 12 inches long so I stacked my text within Silhouette Studio to keep everything on the mat. Even at 18 inches long the text was small for the pants, so I adjusted just the height to make it legible.

Siser Running Club HTV design in Silhouette Studio

Cut settings can vary depending on your blade’s age and amount of use. Always start low and slowly bump up the settings until you get a good cut. The test cut feature is great for seeing if you’re cutting too light or too deep before you send a complete design and whole sheet of vinyl through the cutter. I cut EasyWeed Stretch with my blade exposed at 2, Speed set to 8, and Thickness set at 4.

Weeding EasyWeed Stretch is as simple as weeding EasyWeed especially when you use the Weeding Trick.

To heat apply the vinyl we’re going to need a special tool: a heat press pillow! Heat press pillows come in many shapes and sizes. This pillow is long and skinny and perfectly fits the leg of these running capris. A pillow helps the HTV fully adhere to the garment. If I had not used a pillow I most likely would have had lifting of my vinyl letters because I applied them so close to the seams of the pants. Seams keep the upper platen of the heat press from fully closing on the garment and heat transfer material. However, pillows allow the seams to sink into the pillow bringing the platen down completely on the garment and vinyl.

Placing a heat press pillow inside nylon work out capri leggings

Cover the vinyl with a heat transfer cover sheet and press for 15 seconds at 305°F.

Heat applying nylon workout legging capris with a heat press and Siser EasyWeed™ Stretch heat transfer vinyl

Peel the carrier hot or cold and your custom work out capris are done!

Custom performance wear using Siser EasyWeed Stretch heat transfer vinyl, a heat press, and nylon running tights

Check out that stretch one last time!


Custom work out leggings are a simple design that can easily be personalized with your team name, nickname, school name, or anything else you want to spell out for everyone. EasyWeed Stretch is available in 12 colors for even more customization options.

Have you made custom performance wear? Show us your designs on social media with the hashtag #SiserNA.

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