How to Decorate Stuffed Animals with NEW StripFlock® Pro

New StripFlock Pro HTV just hopped on the scene! This improved version of StripFlock keeps some of the features you know and love (like the ability to layer on itself and other HTV!) while adding new benefits. See them all in the list below!

NEW StripFlock Pro Highlights

  • Hot OR Cold Peel
  • CPSIA Certified– safe for children’s wear and other items
  • New Colors
  • Slightly thicker for a more rich, soft, and velvet-y feel than before!

Now that StripFlock Pro is CPSIA certified and softer than ever, I knew I had to customize a kid’s stuffed animal. It’s the perfect HTV to snuggle up with since it feels soft just like the bunny fur!

Here’s everything I’m using to customize a stuffed bunny, but these supplies and steps could be used to decorate pretty much any stuffed animal:


supplies to customize a stuffed animal with iron on vinyl

StripFlock Pro is cut like most other HTV with the plastic carrier side down on the cutting mat. I cut Pro using the new Scan N Cut SDX125.

If you’re interested in learning about Brother’s latest cutting machine, head on over to this post.

For most other cutters, visit the StripFlock Pro Pro page on our website for cut settings. Keep in mind, this version is a bit more plush so it’s going to need a slightly higher cut setting than you’ve used in the past.

how to place StripFlock Pro on the cutting mat

Weeding is still easy peasy thanks to the sticky carrier.

Weeding the cavity from StripFlock Pro HTV
Weeding StripFlock Pro heat transfer vinyl









I’m using two contrasting colors of pink so when I layer them they’re still legible.

Weeded Light Pink StripFlock Pro ready for heat application
Weeded Fuchsia StripFlock Pro ready for heat application









Even though the carrier is sticky, it’s a little tricky to keep it in place on the curved bunny tummy, so I’m using a piece of heat safe tape to secure the first color in place. When layering HTV, it’s usually best to apply 1 color at a time. If I tried to heat apply both colors at the same time, the HTV that overlaps the plastic will stick to the carrier instead of the fabric. 

StripFlock Pro HTV taped to bunny stuffed animal

Before applying heat, tuck the bunny in with a heat transfer cover sheet on top to protect the furry fibers from over-heating. Using an iron to decorate stuffed animals is actually nice because you can isolate the application area with the smaller plate. If you’re using a heat press, be sure to leave the plastic eyes out of the press, to avoid melting them.

heat transfer cover sheet on top of stuffed animal and HTV

With the iron heated to the “Cotton” setting, press firmly for 10 seconds.

Press the stuffed animal firmly with the home iron

After pressing,  peel the carrier hot or cold! For some of you, your project might end here, but I wanted to take things once step further and layer the full name on top of the initial as well.

Peel StripFlock Pro's carrier hot or cold

To add the name, simply repeat the application steps on the second layer of StripFlock Pro and your bunny is ready to bounce to a new home!

Layering StripFlock Pro on top of StripFlock Pro

Custom stuffed animals are perfect gifts for babies, toddlers, and any kid who treasures their plushie friend. 

Custom bunny stuffed animal with StripFlock Pro iron on vinyl

If any of the fur fibers seem pressed down from heat application, you can use your fingers to re-fluff them. Fibers will also fluff back up when washed and dried- don’t worry about your HTV in the wash! StripFlock Pro is machine washable on a cold water setting and can be dried with low heat, so there’s no need to cry when bunny takes an unexpected dip in a mud puddle!

Will you be decorating stuffed animals with Siser HTV? Pin the image below so you can easily come back to this post when you’re ready to try it out!

Add a special touch to any stuffed animal with NEW StripFlock® Pro heat transfer vinyl from Siser®. Names, phrases, or birth stats- StripFlock® Pro's fuzzy texture will always blend seamlessly and can even be ironed !