Customize Tumblers Using Cone Warp in Leonardo™ Pro

So you want to customize a tumbler, huh? With the dishwasher safe EasyPSV® Starling™, that’s a fantastic idea! But if you’ve ever tried to decorate a tumbler, mug, or other cylindrical item, you know that your design can appear… not right when it’s applied. Fortunately, Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro has a handy feature for creating wraps that can be used on all sorts of drinkware! Read on to see how easy it is to customize tumblers using the Cone Warp tool!

Preparing a Design for the Cone Warp Tool

Our graphic designer (and coffee enthusiast) Emily was working on a nifty wrap for a “coffee cup” style tumbler. I can quickly Import it into Leonardo as a “Cut Only” design to drop it on the artboard.

Importing a tumbler wrap design into Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro.

The design is technically complete, but it needs a little help before it’s ready to be cut. With just a few more clicks, this wrap will be good to go!

After selecting the entire design, I can hover over the Warp tool down on the toolbar. An array of new options will appear. All the way to the right is the Cone Warp tool. Once I click on this, the fun really begins!

Selecting the Cone Warp tool in Leonardo™ Pro.

Creating a Tumbler Wrap Using Cone Warp

A new window will appear with a 3D rendering of a cone shape with the design superimposed on top. Pretty amazing!

On the right side of the window are various fields to change the size of both the cone and your artwork. I’ll need to measure the top, bottom, and length of your tumbler (or other drinkware) and enter the numbers here so the software can accurately warp your design.

With the proper dimensions entered, I can then click the “Full Size” button. This blows up my design to become a full wrap for my tumbler! I can then preview the new, enlarged artwork immediately on the 3D rendering. I can even rotate the rendering by clicking and dragging it to see my design at all angles!

Cone Warp 3D tumbler render.

The 3D rendering is impressive, but I can also click the 2D (Unwrapped) tab to get a flattened view of what the tumbler wrap will look like! Since everything looks just as I want, I’ll hit Apply to place my design on the artboard.

2D view of the Cone Warp render.

Wrapping Up Tumbler Customization

Believe it or not, I’m now ready to cut! Leonardo will automatically separate my layers by color when I click Send to Cutter so I can easily cut each portion on my Juliet™! Then with the help of my EasyPSV Application Tape and EasySqueegee®, I can apply my design!

Customized Siser tumbler made using the Cone Warp tool.

Never applied EasyPSV to a curved surface before? Check out this blog post for a detailed breakdown!

And that’s a wrap! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Check out the video below to see how we customize tumblers with the Cone Warp tool from start to finish:

Looking forward to making some tumblers? How about mugs? Let me know what you plan on decorating with the Cone Warp tool in the comments below!