Seriously? 100 items?

Nope. Just kidding. There aren’t 100 items you can heat print on… there are probably THOUSANDS of items you can heat print on! This post is part 1 of the top 100 items you’re most likely to print with heat transfer vinyl and a heat press. There are likely hundreds of niche products that i haven’t even thought about applying on. Ready to get this printing item party started? Good, so am I!

Our first category for items you can heat print is, Fashion. By fashion, I mean every day items that you can wear… not specific to one thing, like dresses that waif models wear.


1 – Beanies14 – T-shirts
2 – Slippers15 – Onesies
3 – Baby Blankets16 – Ties
4 – Boots17 – Shirt Pockets
5 – Leather Bracelets18 – Windbreakers
6 – Scarves19 – Boxer Shorts
7 – Socks20 – Dresses
8 – Sweat Pants21 – Robes
9 – Jeans22 – Shorts
10 – Purses23 – Belts
11 – Corsets24 – Hoodies
12 – Umbrellas25 – Shoes
13 – Leather jackets


So how many of those fashion items do you print on? How many are you going to print on now that you know you can?

Items to decorate with heat transfer vinyl

Just a few of the unique items you can decorate with HTV

Our second segment of items you can decorate with EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl is, Sports. Now I know you might be saying that you already print on everything sports. After all, isn’t that what heat transfer vinyl was invented for? Ok, “already prints on everything”, how many of these items have you decorated?


26 – Stadium Cushions39 – Yoga Pants
27 – Headbands40 – Baseballs
28 – Pennants41 – Batting Gloves
29 – Athletic Bags42 – Golf Bags
30 – Swim Suits43 – Cleats
31 – Boxing Gloves44 – Hockey Pads
32 – Wetsuits45 – Racket Covers
33 – Yoga Mats46 – Athletic Socks
34 – Jerseys47 – Towels
35 – Cheer Bows48 – Volleyball Shorts
36 – Caps49 – Bowling Bags
37 – Lifting Belts50 – Practice Wear
38 – Wrestling Singlets


Hopefully I’ve opened your eyes to some new and unique options for heat printing. Great thing is that we’re only half way through the items you can decorate with heat transfer vinyl! I know there are tons of items out there that can be decorated with a cutter and heat press. Drop a note in the comments and let us know what you’re printing on! Stay tuned for part 2, where we tackle decoration and personalization for the Home as well as decorating Miscellaneous items.

As always, share your decoration wins and fails with us on social media using the hashtag #SISERNA