Create a decorated graduation cap with faux rhinestones

High schools and colleges offer traditional education, but while we learn about history and math we also learn about ourselves. We learn where our passions lie, what we believe in, and who we can trust. In high school, I discovered I was ready to get out. As much as I enjoyed high school I was ready for something bigger. If you know what I mean then you’ll like this graduation cap design!

To start, measure your mortar board. Mine was 9 ¾ inches. Make sure you size your font and any graphics to the appropriate size so everything will fit nicely. For the faux rhinestone text you’ll need a font that types letters created from dots. There are loads of free fonts online that offer the dot pattern, so once you find one you like, type your text, edit it in Illustrator to create cut paths, and then bring it into your cutter software. Before you send it through the cutter don’t forgot to mirror your text!

All Siser Holographic materials can be cut to give a faux rhinestone style. I chose to use purple Holographic for my groovy design. When cutting Holographic, the silver backing should be face up and the color should be face down.

When weeding faux stone text it’s best to weed horizontally.

Weeding Siser purple holographic heat transfer vinyl

Weeding left to right keeps my faux stones from lifting with the excess material.

When it came to applying the vinyl I measured my white EasyWeed to fit the entire top of the cap. A white background makes the design pop and ensures no one will miss me in a crowd of graduates.

Graduation Cap

First I applied my EasyWeed background. I centered the material over the graduation cap, covered it with a heat transfer cover sheet and used a home iron to apply heat. Using the wool setting I pressed lightly section by section for only a few seconds to tack the material down.

Ironing Graduation Cap design

Once the EasyWeed was applied I used an X-acto knife to cut a small hole around the button on top of the graduation cap so a tassel could be attached. Then I applied my Holographic material. Using firm pressure I pressed the vinyl onto the cap. Holographic heat transfer vinyl is a cold peel, so be sure to let it completely cool before peeling. If any of the faux stones are still lifting after you’ve let them cool, try pressing them again for a few seconds, letting it cool again, and this time when you peel the carrier everything should be adhered.

Graduation Cap

Creating a faux rhinestone look is so easy! Plus it’s cost effective, and if you’re graduating and headed off for more schooling you know its important to save any way you can. So next time you’re looking to add some bling to things consider Siser Holographic heat transfer vinylThe completed decorated grad cap design in purple holographic HTV

A decorated grad cap lets you have the last word at graduation while showing off your personal style! Show us how you use Siser heat transfer vinyl to create your own decorated graduation cap by using #SiserNA.

Peace out!