How to Decorate Your Hammock & Storage Bag with Siser® HTV

2 straps, 1 hammock, and a couple trees make for many moments of blisffuly blowing in the breeze, but when you’re done hanging out how do you take it to your next spot? Most hammocks and straps come with a little carrying bag, but I have never been able to easily get them back inside it. It’s like trying to pack a comforter back into the clear zipper bag it came in- not gonna happen. So I’ve taken to storing our hammocks and straps in drawstring bags, but you know I couldn’t leave either of them plain! Here’s how you can decorate them both with heat transfer vinyl!

How to Decorate a Drawstring Bag with Siser HTV

This canvas drawstring bag was a cinch to decorate! Since it’s made from cotton, I used the standard time and temperature settings for EasyWeed® to layer this fun design. You can find application settings for all Siser products on our website or app. Be sure to place a heat transfer pillow inside if you’re using a heat press so you get firm pressure on the middle of the bag despite the bulky drawstring top!

If you have a nylon drawstring bag, be sure to follow the heat sensitive application tips in this blog post.

Hammock storage drawstring bag with heat transfer vinyl decoration

I re-worked this design so I could apply it a little differently on my hammock! Keep reading for how it was done.

How to Decorate a Hammock with Siser HTV

Most hammocks are made out of nylon, so you’ll need to use EasyWeed Extra in order for the HTV to stick. You can then layer other kinds of Siser HTV on top! In order to make Extra the only HTV that’s touching the fabric, I created a shadow layer (AKA offset) around the original design.

How to make an offset or shadow layer in Silhouette Studio

Be sure to use a heat transfer pillow inside the pocket when heat applying so there’s even pressure across the HTV despite any embroidered patches, seams, or drawstrings. I’d recommend using the lower temperature application method (270-280°F for 15-20 seconds total) to avoid scorching the nylon. To layer this 2 color design, I tacked down EasyWeed Extra for 5 seconds and peeled the carrier hot. Then I placed the EasyWeed Glow on top and pressed for 10 seconds and peeled the carrier hot again. If anything looks like it’s lifting you can use a heat transfer cover sheet and press for an additional 5 seconds.

Use a heat transfer pillow inside the hammock pocket during heat application

When you’re finished pressing both projects, pack everything up and head out to your favorite hang out spot!

Customized hammock hanging up in the woods

Whether you like to lounge during the day or at night, you’ll know where you’re hammock is strung up thanks to EasyWeed Glow!
EasyWeed Glow on the custom nylon hammock

Download the FREE CUT FILES here! Pin the images below to Pinterest if you plan to try either of these projects out:

Store your hammock and straps in a custom drawstring bag