Roll of digital media on a large format eco-solvent printer

Digital Media by Siser®


Your Large Format Printer + Our Digital Media = Full-Color Magic!

Siser’s Digital Media offerings are the easiest way to achieve full-color graphics on your garments! Compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, and latex inks, these materials come in wide widths to fit most large format printers by manufacturers such as HP, Roland, and Mimaki. Our Digital Media allows you to print vivid designs and detail that can’t be achieved with regular HTV. Our printable materials give you the ability to print on various garments and fabrics like awnings, tents, backpacks, and more.

With the addition of our EasyPSV® Printable, you can now print and cut full-color decals that can be applied to glass (such as windows and mirrors), wood, metal, plastic and many other hard surfaces. Our EasyPSV Printable shares many of the same great features of our standard EasyPSV materials.

ColorPrint Easy

ColorPrint Easy (Semi-Gloss)

ColorPrint Extra

ColorPrint Extra PU (Semi-Gloss)

ColorPrint PU

ColorPrint PU (Gloss or Matte)


DigiBrick™ (Matte)

EasyPSV Printable

EasyPSV® Printable (Decal Vinyl)

Hi-5 Print Matte

Hi-5 Print (Matte)





Sublithin SOft

Sublithin® Soft

Informational Video