How to Prank Your Family for April Fool’s Day with Eggs & EasyPSV®

With most everyone stuck at home for the beginning of April, it’s the perfect time to pull a light-hearted prank! All you need is a carton of eggs, some EasyPSV®, and the free cut file at the end of this post to make your own EGG-celent prank that will not only surprise your family, but make them laugh too!

Step 1: Cut EasyPSV

Using whichever cutter you prefer, ensure EasyPSV’s liner side is down and the colored side is face up for cutting. Consult our website or app for recommended cut settings to test cut with. PSV is a bit more particular about cut settings than HTV so don’t be afraid to adjust your settings when working with a very old or new blade. If you’re really having trouble, watch this video.

Cut Siser® EasyPSV® with the color side up on your vinyl cutter


Step 2: Weed Excess EasyPSV

Use your Siser® Weeder to peel away the outer excess vinyl.

Weeding EasyPSV expressions for the prank eggs


Step 3: Empty Egg Contents

For the ultimate egg prank, poke a hole in both sides of the eggs and drain the insides into a bowl. Save the contents to make some french toast for mom after you’ve given her a bit of a fright! The Creekline House Blog shows all the steps here. This is a great method to keep in mind for all those upcoming Easter crafts as well!

You’ll notice I skipped this step with my eggs for the sake of my husband who, while supportive of the blog, wasn’t ready for a 12 egg dinner. After photographing, the EasyPSV was promptly peeled off!


Step 4: Peel and Stick Faces on Eggs

No application tape required! Just peel and stick like any other sticker until you’ve got a dozen little faces looking back at you.

Peel and stick EasyPSV® on eggs for an easy prank.

Rest the egg on the carton and use your weeder to easily place the eggpressions.

Step 5: Close the Carton and Wait for the Prank to Play Out

Set up a hidden camera, hide around the corner, or request an omelette to gauge your prankees reaction to the new little family in your fridge who are not as full as they appear!

Close the lid on your prank carton of eggs.

Now go ahead and try it out for yourself! Download the FREE eggspressions cut file HERE.

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Pull a quick, easy, and EGGcelent April Fool's prank with the help of EasyPSV® and the FREE CUT FILE in this Siser Blog Post.

Fool your family with this easy egg prank. All you need is some EasyPSV® and the FREE CUT FILE from the Siser Blog!/>