How to Iron On Glitter HTV to a Cotton Canvas

It’s no secret an art canvas offers a perfect place to show off your creativity. But for today’s craft you can put away the paint and grab your HTV! You’ll also need these supplies-

DIY Art Canvas supplies



Once all your supplies are gathered you can design your artwork. I made this design in Adobe Illustrator, saved it as a .svg, and imported it into ScanNCut Canvas. Next, I wirelessly transferred the design to the Brother ScanNCut machine where I mirrored the image and cut each piece.

import .svg into ScanNCut Canvas

Need tips on cutting HTV with the Brother ScanNCut? Check out this post.

After cutting, weed away the excess heat transfer vinyl.

weeding purple glitter with the Siser weeder


Next, the most important step: Filling the gap in the back of the wrapped canvas with a heat transfer pillow to achieve proper pressure. Without something supporting the back of the canvas, you can’t iron firmly like you need to. The 5″ x 18″ pillow worked perfectly for this project, but you can use a folded up towel or t-shirt in a pinch.

How to use a heat transfer pillow to achieve proper pressure

Before applying the HTV I want to make sure my design is centered, so I measured the canvas and marked the center point with a pencil.

Measure and mark the center point of the canvas

Use the center point as guide when you place your transfers. Next, cut a piece of parchment paper to size and cover the application area. With your iron on the hottest setting, press down firmly for 20-30 seconds.

how to iron Glitter HTV to a cotton art canvas

P.S. I recommend using a thicker HTV, like Glitter, that won’t show the canvas texture through the material.

Give the carrier a few moments to cool and then gently remove it.

Siser Glitter is a warm peel

Repeat the application steps for each color, recovering and applying 5-10 seconds of heat if necessary. When all the pieces are firmly stuck down you can display your masterpiece!

Displaying my DIY art canvas craft

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Get crafty with Siser Glitter heat transfer vinyl! DIY an art canvas with your fave image or saying then simply iron on the HTV for a one of a kind decoration!

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