How to Make a Coloring Card for Mother’s Day

Putting heat transfer vinyl on cardstock is one of my favorite crafting hacks! I went into detail about how to heat press cardstock in this blog post. Be sure to give that post a once over for the basics because today’s craft is a quickie!

If you need a last minute card from Mother’s Day, grab some HTV, a blank card and one of the FREE CUT FILES at the end of this post and you’ll have a handcrafted gift in no time!

Supplies for DIY Coloring Cards

To make this card even faster, don’t color it in! Keep it black and white or use colored HTV like the Glitter heat transfer vinyl thank you card below.

Glitter heat transfer vinyl on cardstock for a mail carrier gift

But coloring cards are what we’re making today, so StripFlock Pro is your best choice! It works just like those old school fuzzy velvet posters to block the marker inks from bleeding.

DIY Mother's Day coloring cards with StripFlock® Pro heat transfer vinyl.

To make your own coloring cards all you need to do is…

  1. Measure cardstock and re-size cut file appropriately.
  2. Test cut StripFlock Pro HTV with the recommended settings on our site (adjust if needed.)
  3. Cut your favorite cut file from this post and weed away the excess HTV.
  4. Heat apply with your home iron, EasyPress, or Heat Press.
  5. Peel carrier hot (warm peel Fluorescent colors only.)
  6. Color inside the StripFlock Pro lines with markers, colored pencils, or watercolors!

A few extra tips:

  • Place a heavy book (or something similar) on top of the card after applying HTV if the paper begins to warp from the heat. Remove it from under the book once cooled.
  • Place an extra piece of cardstock or cardboard inside the card to prevent the marker inks from bleeding through the card.

Now it’s time to try it out for yourself! The Best Mom floral cut file is unfortunately no longer available on Craft Bundles, but you can get 6 other similar designs for FREE. The other coloring cut files featured in this post’s cover image can also be downloaded for FREE right here!

Want to watch how it works? I made another coloring card with StripFlock Pro in this Instagram Live recap!

DIY coloring sympathy card with StripFlock® Pro iron on vinyl

If you like this coloring craft, pin the image below to Pinterest!

How to make your own velvet-y coloring cards with StripFlock Pro heat transfer vinyl. A perfect DIY Mother's Day gift!