How to Make a Family Fort Kit

with a Nylon Drawstring Bag, EasyWeed® Extra and EasyWeed® Glow

Stuck at home? Whether it’s a rainy day or day number-who-knows-what of social distancing, this is an easy project you can keep in the closet for instant fort fun!

Begin by gathering all the supplies for your Fort Kit bag.

Supplies for the Fort Kit Bag:

I’m using a nylon drawstring bag, but you could use a tote bag or even an old pillow case to corral your fort pieces. If you’re also decorating nylon, you’ll need to be sure you use EasyWeed Extra as the base layer for best adhesion. If you don’t have any on hand, reach out to your authorized distributor or reseller. If you’re not sure who that is, contact us at and we’ll help you find one!

Step 1: Cut and Weed the Family Fort Kit Design

Use your favorite vinyl cutter to cut the “Family Fort Kit” arrow and diamond. Then cut “Adventure Awaits” from EasyWeed Glow so you can find the bag even when it’s sticking out of the couch cushions. When both are cut, weed away the excess.

EasyWeed Extra and EasyWeed Glow HTV before heat application on a nylon drawstring fort kit bag

Step 2: Heat Press the Design on the Nylon Drawstring Bag

Nylon can be heat sensitive, so you’ll want to follow our 5 tips for working with fabrics that can scorch, discolor, or melt in this blog post.


Step 3: Fill with Fort Kit Goodies

Put everything you need to build the best fort inside the bag. House layouts and furniture vary, so your supplies may look a little different than others, but here’s a good list to start with…

Supplies for a Family Fort Kit:

Are you ready to make one with the kids? It would make the next movie night extra special! Download the FREE CUT FILE here or save this craft for later by pinning the image below to Pinterest.

Keep a fort kit in the closet for rainy days and move nights. See how easy it is to make this glow in the dark fort kit with a nylon drawstring bag, EasyWeed Extra, and the FREE CUT FILE!