How to Apply Siser® EasyPSV® Removable to a Painted Wood Sign

I love adding a little bit of farmhouse charm to my home décor, especially since I just became a proud “chicken tender” (chicken-owner.)  Whether your style is modern, bohemian, beach-y or rustic, you can easily create beautiful wood signs to compliment your cozy home or office. Decorating wood with EasyPSV is incredibly easy and doesn’t require a ton of materials.  You can use almost any kind of wood as long as it’s clean, dry and smooth.  What a great way to up-cycle some old wood planks or even wood palettes! Here’s what I used to make my farmhouse style sign…

DIY Sign Supplies

  1. Unfinished wood plank (I got mine at Michaels!)
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Extra-fine/320 grit sand paper
  5. EasyPSV Removable in White Cloud
  6. EasyPSV Application Tape
  7. Siser Weeder and Squeegee
  8. Silhouette Cameo 3

Here’s how I prepared my wood surface prior to decorating:

  • Use a tack cloth to remove any dust and debris.
  • If the wood is super dirty, you can use mild soap and water to gently wipe away any grime (with a lint-free cloth of course.)  Just keep in mind that it can take hours or even days to fully dry.
  • Sand the surface using fine to medium grit sandpaper.  My wood plank is already pretty smooth, so I used extra-fine/320 grit sand paper.

A blank, unfinished wooden sign from Michaels Craft Stores

Now we are ready for paint and/or varnish.  For this project I used a matte acrylic craft paint since it dries pretty quick.  Brush on a good base coat, wait for 1 hour and proceed with a good second coat of paint.  I let mine dry over-night just in case.  Pro-Tip: If the paint isn’t 100% dry, it will out-gas directly onto your decal and the vinyl will fall off, literally.

Fine grit sand paper and acrylic paint

Wooden sign with two coats of acrylic paint








If you prefer a more natural-looking wood sign, then you do not have to paint it.  EasyPSV will stick to un-finished wood just fine.  Just keep in mind that your sign will not be waterproof and shielded from outdoor elements.

Back to that “farmhouse charm” I was talking about earlier.  To achieve this effect, all I did was re-sand the wood after I painted it (all except for the frame.)  The extra sanding gives your sign a natural-looking distressed texture, with a bit of the wood grain coming through the paint.  Always wipe it down with a lint-free cloth after sanding since EasyPSV will have a hard time sticking to a powdery-surface.

Painted wooden sign after sanding

Finally, it’s time to get to the vinyl part!  Did I mention that you can use any of Siser’s EasyPSV materials?  Yes, any type of EasyPSV works great with wood!  Feel free to use any EasyPSV Permanent or EasyPSV Removable, and yes, that includes EasyPSV Glitter, Glow and Chalkboard!  Since I want to re-use this wood sign for all upcoming holidays and events, I’m going to stick with EasyPSV Removable in White Cloud.  Plus I love the clean, matte finish and I think it will compliment the matte paint as well.  Whichever material you choose, make sure you have the EasyPSV Application Tape readily available for this project as well.

EasyPSV™ Removable and Application Tape

As usual, load your EasyPSV into your vinyl cutter VINYL-COLOR-SIDE-UP.  Remember folks, there is no need to mirror your artwork when cutting EasyPSV. For cut settings, visit the EasyPSV product pages of our website. But remember, your settings can vary depending on the age and wear of your blade!

Silhouette Cameo 3 cutting EasyPSV™ Removable adhesive vinyl

When it’s finished cutting, proceed to weed your decal like normal, removing any vinyl that is not part of the design.

Weed out the excess pressure sensitive vinyl Use the Siser® Weeder to remove excess PSV








Once it’s good to go, it’s time to apply EasyPSV Application Tape over the top of the decal.  Remove the backing paper from the application tape, put the tape on top of your vinyl decal, and go over it a few times with a squeegee to make sure they’re bonded.

Remove the liner from your decal to expose the adhesive and place it on your wood surface. Then gently place the decal onto your wood surface (you may want to consider using the hinge method) securing it again with a squeegee and making sure it’s bonded.  Now you can remove the application tape, leaving your decal on your wood sign.

Remove the liner from the EasyPSV™ decal Squeegee the application tape and decal on the painted wood to bond the vinyl








It’s time to go hang up your beautiful home-made sign and bask in all its glory.  Then get ready for all of your family, friends, and guests to be in awe of your wonderful creation, demanding for signs of their own.  Once Thanksgiving is over, strip away the vinyl and proceed to the next best thing – a Christmas-themed wood sign!  Or, leave it up year-round to display how grateful you really are.

DIY thankful farmhouse style painted wood sign with EasyPSV™ Removable


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Add a touch of farmhouse style to your home with this easy DIY sign. Made with EasyPSV™ Removable, this Thanksgiving sign can easily be transformed into Christmas decor. Check out this tutorial for expert tips on decorating painted wood with adhesive vinyl!