How To: Customize an Apron
with NEW EasyWeed® Electric Tungsten
for a Father’s Day Gift

Crafting isn’t just for women! Many men are just as involved in making, and our newest product release has guys grinning. EasyWeed Electric Tungsten is darker than EasyWeed Silver and could be described as a charcoal gray, but with that striking Electric finish you know and love. It’s the perfect color for a pair of BBQ tools, and was released just in time for Father’s Day. So what choice did I have? An apron craft was calling my name!

Here’s what you’ll need to make a Father’s Day apron like mine:

DIY Father’s Day Apron Supplies

heat transfer vinyl supplies for a custom father's day apron gift


Step 1: Cut

Heat Transfer Vinyl has a shiny side and a dull side. The shiny side has a plastic carrier that acts as built in application or transfer tape. This side always goes face down on the cutting mat, so the dull side is face up towards the blade.

Our recommended cut setting for EasyWeed Stretch and EasyWeed Electric can be found on the Siser website and app.

EasyWeed Electric Tungsten on the Silhouette cutting mat Cutting EasyWeed Electric Tungsten with the Silhouette Cameo 3








If you’re a beginner, check out this video for more details on getting started with HTV.


Step 2: Weed

After cutting each color, use your Weeder to pick out the extra vinyl and peel it away from the carrier. As you peel away the vinyl, you’ll notice this side of the carrier is sticky. The tackiness makes it easier to cut small detail and allows you to stick vinyl back in place if you accidentally weeded it away.

Weeding the cavities from EasyWeed Electric Tungsten Weeded EasyWeed Electric HTV that's ready for heat application








Removing excess EasyWeed Stretch HTV with the Siser Weeder.

Weeded EasyWeed Stretch ready to be ironed on








Another common accident beginners make is forgetting to mirror their cut files. Your art should appear backwards in Silhouette Studio before sending to cut. So while you’re weeding on the sticky side the text should read backwards, but when you flip over to the shiny side for heat application the text will be right facing.


Step 3: Iron On

Those sticky carriers make everything easier- even aligning your design! Fold the shiny side together and crease the middle of each color. Then line up the creases and stick the carriers together. After centering your HTV colors, fold the apron and make one more crease to line up with.

Align the center creases of the HTV colors and apron


When you’ve lined up all your creases and have your HTV right where you want it, peel away the top carrier and unapplied vinyl (White EasyWeed Stretch.) HTV is usually applied one color at a time, unless the colors can be applied without overlapping carriers. The carriers definitely overlap on this father’s day apron, so I’m going to press the Electric Tungsten followed by the white Stretch.

After centering, peel away un-applied top layer

Now that just the Electric Tungsten remains, cover the HTV with a heat transfer cover sheet and use your iron to press firmly on top. Lift and press each section (avoid sliding) until each area has had 15 seconds of heat and pressure.

My iron is set to “Cotton.” While we’ve found this setting typically ranges around 300°F on this iron, all irons are different. If you notice your carrier sheet ends up significantly warped or bubbled, your iron may actually be getting too hot and you need to go down a setting or two. If you really want to hone in on your iron’s temperature, invest in a infrared temperature gun that will tell you exactly how hot each area of the iron plate is.

how to iron EasyWeed Electric Tungsten on to an apron

If the HTV has had sufficient heat and pressure, it will all stick down when you hot peel the carrier. If any area lifts with the carrier, replace the cover sheet and press that portion for another 5 seconds.

The second layer is just as simple as the first! Center EasyWeed Stretch, place a heat transfer cover sheet on top, and press each section for 15 seconds. If you have a particular stubborn spot or small, thin detail you may want to wait until the carrier is cold before attempting to peel. Otherwise, a hot peel will work fine.

How to iron EasyWeed Stretch on to an apron


Step 4: Gift it!

Pair your custom apron with his favorite BBQ sauce and your Father’s Day gift is fit for a king!

DIY Father's Day apron gift with layered EasyWeed and EasyWeed Electric

While my personal taste errs on the bright and colorful side, I have to admit I love how sleek this apron turned out! The contrasting finishes between EasyWeed Stretch (matte) and EasyWeed Electric (pearlescent) balances out the design nicely.  Although I’m sure regular EasyWeed white would look great too ;)

Speaking of the design, this “King of the Grill” cut file was made by our good friend across the pond, Marika. Marika runs Most Creative  in Sweden and is an authorized re-seller for Siser Italy. She was kind enough to let me use her artwork in this Father’s Day blog post and even sweeter to share the .svg cut file for all of you here! As a bonus, the file includes the “Queen of the Grill” design for those who celebrate the day a little differently.

I hope this blog inspired you to DIY an apron for your own dad! To save this idea, pin the image below. To order Siser products, contact your area’s authorized distributor or re-seller. Not sure who that is? Shoot us an email at and we’ll help you find an authorized seller near you!

This easy father's day gift is fit for the BBQ king! You can make one too with NEW EasyWeed Electric Tungsten, EasyWeed Stretch, and your home iron or heat press!

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