How to Make a Faux Embellished Neckline with Siser HTV

If I had to describe my perfect top for Thanksgiving in two words it would be comfortable and sparkly. The perfect top allows me to eat a copious amount of food while still looking glam. A dolman style top has large armholes that taper down the sleeves creating a draped look that flatters all body types. Adding the sunflower faux necklace gives this top a touch of the Thanksgiving theme with some shine to boot.

To make your own faux necklace top with heat transfer vinyl you’ll first need to lay the top flat to measure the neckline and take a photo of it. Upload the photo to Cricut Design Space as a simple image, delete the unnecessary background if you want, and save it as a print and cut image.  Resize the image when it’s’ loaded so that the neckline matches the length of the measurement you made previously. This way you can create your faux necklace design with the proper dimensions and you’ll now it will fill fit perfectly.

Uploading the dolman top neckline to Cricut Design Space

I already had my sunflower .svg file loaded into Design Space. I made the sunflower shape in Adobe Illustrator before saving it as a .svg and uploading it. You could easily do something similar without creating your own flower by using a free shape in Design space. From here I played around with my sunflower to create clusters similar to a statement necklace. The filigree pieces on the end are…you guessed it- a free shape I found in Design Space!

Welding the sunflower faux necklace in design space

When everything was arranged to my liking I used the “Weld” tool to make my sunflowers into one continuous cut line. The important things to remember when using the weld tool are that the shapes have to be overlapped to join together and you must have each shape selected at the same time for them to weld.

Delete the neckline image before selecting “Go” to send the cut files to the Cricut Explore Air. I just had to cut the sunflowers out of sun EasyWeed. It’s the perfect color! The filigree was cut from EasyWeed Electric yellow. Both materials were cut with the “Iron On” setting on the Cricut Smart Dial. The sunflower centers were cut from black gold colored Glitter. I cut Glitter with the “Iron On +” setting. To find out how to place Siser HTV on the Cricut cutting mat and find the right cut settings for your material check out this post.

Cutting the faux necklace pieces out of HTV with the Cricut

Use your Siser Weeder to remove the vinyl that is not a part of your design.

Weeding sun EasyWeed HTV with the Siser Weeder

When everything is weeded you can move onto heat application. I’m pressing on a 65% polyester 35% viscose dolman sleeve top. Even if your top isn’t wrinkly its a good idea to pre press the shirt before applying any HTV. This will remove any lingering moisture in the material.

Since I’m pressing products from the EasyWeed Family first my heat press is set to 305°F with medium pressure. Pressing your thinnest materials first helps them properly adhere. I placed my first transfer so that the sticky, adhesive side of the carrier was in contact with the fabric and I can see the pretty yellow sun color. Then I covered the HTV with a heat transfer cover sheet and pressed for 5 seconds. I peeled the carrier immediately after pressing.

Peeling the carrier hot from sun EasyWeed HTV

Heat pressing EasyWeed™ Electric yellowThe next layer is EasyWeed™ Electric yellow. I lined up the pieces and repeated the same heat application steps from my first press. The carrier from EasyWeed Electric can also be peeled immediately after pressing.

Heat pressing black gold Glitter heat transfer vinyl



Notice how I left holes in the Sun EasyWeed for the black gold Glitter centers to fit into? This is called the inset method and it allows for a less bulky garment and a better adhesion for the Glitter material. This blog post explains how you can do the inset method in Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, and ScanNCut Canvas.

Press the Glitter layer with a heat transfer cover sheet for 15 seconds. This will adhere the Glitter and fully set the previous layers. Wait a few seconds before peeling the carrier from your Glitter material and the faux necklace is complete!

Introducing the perfect Thanksgiving top!

Faux necklace using Siser HTV products

I really love the way EasyWeed Electric yellow shines almost like gold on a grey top!

Faux necklace sunflower dolman top for Thanksgiving







The sunflowers encircle the neckline just like a pretty necklace. Plus the dolman sleeves makes this top flowy enough to hide my stuffed belly on turkey day! Did you make something special for Thanksgiving with Siser HTV? Use #SiserNA on your social media posts to show us your creativity!
Lily Campau

Wearing the perfect Thanksgiving top!