Cyber Monday Craft – DIY Felt Tablet Cover

Decorate a felt tablet cover with fuzzy StripFlock iron on vinyl. Apply with heat press or home iron for any style you please. We chose to make our modern technology look vintage. See the full tutorial at

StripFlock colors, felt tablet cover, and Brother ScanNCut matDo you want to scoop up a good deal on a tablet this Cyber Monday? With the cash you save you can snag a plain tablet cover and customize it with Siser HTV! Today I’m sharing one way you can protect your new technology with the look of old technology!


Start by measuring the dimensions of your tablet cover. Use the measurements to mock up your tablet in ScanNCut Canvas. This will ensure your decorations are sized correctly for your project. With the help of basic shapes in ScanNCut Canvas, this vintage camera came together in no time.

How to weld shapes in ScanNCut Canvas

To make multiple shapes into one shape, hold the Shift key while selecting shapes> Edit> Process Overlap> Weld.

Transforming your cut file from a black and white image to a full color file helps envision the finished product. Select the object you’d like to color>Right Click> Properties> Change Fill Color. The Fill Color is represented by a little paint bucket. You can also change the line color here if you’d like by selecting the pen symbol.

How to recolor shapes in ScanNCut Canvas

When you’re happy with the way everything looks, delete your tablet guidelines, leaving only the pieces to cut. Click the purple “Download” button and choose to either save the file to a flash drive and import it manually or wirelessly transfer the file directly to the ScanNCut.

Delete unnecessary shape guides before cutting HTV

When the artwork is imported, save it to your ScanNCut machine. Then cut each object with it’s corresponding HTV color. You’ll have to delete the objects that don’t need to be cut from that color, but that’s ok because even though they’re deleted they’re still saved to your machine.

First I cut black StripFlock, then white, and finally pale blue. My cut settings were Blade: 3, Cut Pressure: 5, Speed: 3. However your settings will vary due to blade use and material choice so be sure to check out this post to fine tune your cut settings.

Using a Siser Weeder to weed black StripFlock®

Cutting black shapes with the Brother ScanNCut 2






Weeding StripFlock will be different than EasyWeed even though they both have pressure sensitive (sticky) carriers. StripFlock’s fuzzy texture dulls the tackiness so you may need to be more careful while weeding if your saving grace is pressing lifted pieces back down. When the excess heat transfer vinyl is removed, trim the carrier sheet to separate the pieces.

To heat press StripFlock set the machine to 320°F with medium pressure. The snap closure on this felt tablet cover causes improper pressure during heat pressing, so to achieve the best pressure possible I undid the closure and hung the majority of the case, and the larger part of the snap, off the side of the press. I set up the black StripFlock covered everything with a heat transfer cover sheet and pressed for 10 seconds. Using a heat transfer cover sheet is always recommended, but especially when pressing on any metal that will get extra hot. Wait until the carrier is cold before peeling it. Then I set up my white layer and did another 10 second press.

Heat pressing black StripFlock™ to a felt tablet cover

Press 1- Black StripFlock

Layering white StripFlock® on black StripFlock®

Press 2- White StripFlock








The flap is finished so I can heat press the pocket of the cover. Note that the snap closure and flap still hang off the edge of the heat press. Repeating the steps from my previous presses I applied my final two layers.

Decorating a felt tablet cover with Siser HTV

Press 3- Black StripFlock

StripFlock is a cold peel heat transfer vinyl

Press 4- Pale Blue StripFlock








Your tablet may be able to snap photos, but this vintage camera is just for looks. I love how the StripFlock looks and feels like felt, but didn’t require any stitching or sticky glue!

Craft a vintage camera style tablet cover to protect your modern technology with vintage! This DIY felt tablet cover comes together quickly with Siser HTV and a home iron or heat press!

Speaking of tablets, have you downloaded the Siser North America App yet? It’s available for Apple and Android. We’ve had a lot of great feedback, but we’d love to hear what you think! Drop us a review or tell us how you feel with a star rating!

Lily Campau