Sun Hat with Cricut Design Space and Iron on Glitter HTV Tutorial

Life is better at the beach! At least that’s what I always heard, and when there’s sun, sand, and surf involved I’m not one to argue. If you’re planning a beach day make sure you bring sun protection. This includes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a large hat. A custom floppy sun hat can shield you from the sun while adding style points to your beach ensemble.

What’s that? You don’t have a custom floppy hat? You can soon! Keep reading to learn how to apply Siser Glitter to a floppy sun hat!

I  started off with a plain black and white stripe floppy sun hat. The stripes gave me a Parisian vibe, so I decided “I love the ocean” in French was the perfect phrase for decoration. I kept up the French trend when I chose “Sanctuaire du Machiniste” (Sanctuary of Machinist) as my font. I downloaded the font from and selected it in my font options in Cricut Design Space. However, I wanted my letters to connect like a true script font instead of being so spaced apart. This was an easy fix!

Sanctuaire du Machiniste font in Cricut Design Space

First I ungrouped my text by selecting my text then selecting “Ungroup” at the bottom of the “Layers” panel. This allowed me to adjust each letter individually until I liked the way it looked. Although it may look like my letters are connected now, they are still individual cut files. You can tell by all the individual Images in the “Layers” panel. Another clue is the lines (like the one I pointed out on the “n”) intersecting the script.

Using the ungroup tool in Cricut Design Space

To make the text into one cuttable object select all your text then choose “Weld.” See how I only have 2 cut files in my “Layers” panel now? Also, all those intersecting lines have disappeared!

Using the weld tool in Cricut Design Space

Now that the text is ready to be cut you can click the green “Go” button at the top of the page. Before saying “Go” again, make sure to check the “Mirror Image for Iron-on” box.

Mirror the image for iron on (AKA heat transfer vinyl or HTV)

Now you can set up your Glitter heat transfer vinyl on the Cricut cutting mat. Place the sparkly side face down on the mat, so the blade will be cutting through the dull side. Select your setting on the Cricut dial. I’m working with a brand new blade, so I cut Glitter on “Vinyl +” instead of the “Iron on” setting. Push the flashing Cricut button and let your machine do the work!

Cricut Explore Air cutting Siser Aqua Glitter

When the Cricut is done cutting, unload the material and start weeding. The Siser Weeder is such a nifty tool. It fits very comfortably in my hand and makes removing excess vinyl hassle free!

Weeded Siser Aqua Glitter transfersWeeding Aqua Glitter with the Siser Weeder







Place Glitter transfers on floppy sun hatI’m already loving the look of Aqua Glitter on this floppy sun hat and it’s not even finished yet! Align your transfers with the glittery side up. Your text should be facing the correct direction now (if you’re reading it backwards then, oops, you forgot to check the “mirror image for iron on” box!)




Cover project with heat transfer cover sheet and ironI used the “cotton” setting on this hat, but because the material can vary from hat to hat, test apply a small piece of HTV on the underside of your hat to make sure your HTV will stick and your hat won’t melt under the heat.




Peel the clear polyester carrier from the Glitter HTV

A heat transfer cover sheet is the best option for protecting the iron and the brim of the hat, but a piece of parchment paper or a clean pillow case will work too. Press each section of the text firmly for 10-15 seconds. Lift and press the iron. Don’t slide it around. Sliding your iron could accidentally shift your perfectly placed HTV!



Wait a few seconds before peeling the clear carrier sheet off. Then replace the cover sheet and press everything again for 10-15 seconds. Pay close attention to the edges and any really thin pieces. This second press will ensure that your vinyl is stuck on firmly.

If you’re looking for me you can find me in the sand gazing at the ocean….just kidding I’ll be in the office, so I’d love to see your summer Siser heat transfer vinyl projects! Use #SiserNA, so we can see your creativity. If you’re looking for more beach themed project inspiration check out our Pinterest board: Beach HTV Ideas!

The Glitter decorated floppy sun hat

 Add some sparkle to the beach with this custom floppy sun hat! This tutorial will teach you how to cut and apply Siser Glitter to a dollar store sun hat! So easy, and low cost! Craft your own floppy sun hat with any cute saying or images! You have 39 colors to choose from just in Glitter! This tutorial will teach you how to cut and apply Siser Glitter to a floppy sun hat!