How to Make and Decorate a Fringe Crop Top

Summer brings a new soundtrack which is best enjoyed in a new style! Festivals, concerts, and fairs fill up the summer months, so it’s the perfect time to bust out your crop tops. With Siser HTV, letting your personal style shine through has never been easier. So gather up a few supplies and you’ll have a custom crop top in no time!

Supplies to Make And Decorate a Fringe Crop Top

When you have everything together, the first step is measuring the bottom width of the shirt. This measurement will let you know how long to create your design.

How to Design a Tribal Pattern in Silhouette Studio

Tribal patterns are made up of basic shapes like triangles, circles, and diamonds, so they’re not hard to reproduce. The replicate tool creates copies of shapes in a straight line which made this a quick cut file to design.

how to make a tribal design in Silhouette Studio

After each shape is made, adjust the individual pieces until they overlap slightly. Select all and Weld to make the line of shapes a single shape.

How to create a single shape from multiple

Individual triangles overlapped and unwelded

how to weld in Silhouette Studio

Welded triangles create a fluid cut line and one shape

Repeat these steps in the design process until you’re satisfied with your pattern.

Now, recall the measurement you took in step 1. The design can be cut in 1 long measurement without the mat, or it can be broken down into several pieces in order to fit on the 12″ x 12″ cutting mat. As long as the total length matches the width of your t-shirt, your in good shape! Check out this blog post if you decide to cut without a mat.

How to DIY Fringe on a T-shirt

While your design is cutting on the Cameo, you can start hand cutting your t-shirt. Measure up from the bottom to determine your fringe length and mark the line with a pencil. Just like another type of fringe (bangs!) it’s better to err on the side of caution, so even if you think you want 8″ fringe, cut 6″ first and reassess. It’s easier to cut more, than it is to repair a sliced up t-shirt!

When the length is marked, use your ruler to measure 1 inch sections and cut to the fringe line. Pulling each piece as you go will encourage the fabric to curl under hiding the raw edges. Repeat this process all the way around the t-shirt.

measure and mark your fringe line with a pencil measure and cut one inch wide fringe sections






After the fringe is cut, pair and knot them for a macrame look.

Use two pieces of fringe to knot for a macrame look

How to Decorate a Fringe Crop Top with HTV

When your finished fringing, unload the cut HTV from the craft cutter and weed away the excess.

removing the excess HTV from purple berry EasyWeed Stretch weeding EasyWeed Stretch coral heat transfer vinyl






If you’re working with a home iron, put it on the cotton setting with no steam. My heat press is set to 305°F with medium/firm pressure. Ensure all the fringe hangs off the lower platen and then pre-press the shirt for a couple of seconds to remove any lingering moisture or wrinkles.

If you cut your design in multiple pieces your pressing process will go something like this: Lay down the first transfer with the carrier side up, cover with a heat transfer cover sheet, and press for 1-3 seconds. Peel the carrier hot, and line up your second transfer. Repeat the short presses all the way around shirt.

EasyWeed Stretch's carrier can be peeled hot or cold

first press on the fringe crop top






If you cut your design in 1 long piece your pressing process is simple: Lay the HTV with the carrier side up, cover with a heat transfer cover sheet and press for 10 seconds. Turn the shirt and press the next section of HTV for 10 seconds. When the piece has been applied all the way around, peel the carrier.

how to press a wrap around HTV design

Peel the clear carrier from EasyWeed Stretch while it's hot or cold






Either way, when you get to the seams of the shirt, use a heat transfer pillow to ensure proper pressure which will fully adhere the HTV.

After each color is applied, your fringe crop top is ready to rock!

HTV tribal pattern on a DIY fringe crop top

It’s so simple to update your summer style with heat transfer vinyl! Why not pin the image below to save this idea.

Update your summer style with a little iron on vinyl and some DIY fringe. Perfect for festivals, concerts, and fairs- heat transfer vinyl is the way to show off your personal style this summer!

What have you been making this summer? Show it off on social media with #SiserNA. Who knows, we might just give you a shout out!