Happy Campers wear EasyWeed Glow

As the holiday weekend approaches many are gearing up for camping trips. Whether you camp in a cabin, RV, or good ol’ fashion tent one thing remains the same, the evenings end with a camp fire under the stars. Double check your packing list to make sure you have everything for a relaxing get away. Got it all? You’ll want to add one more thing: A custom camping t-shirt made with EasyWeed Glow!

How cool will it be when the sun goes down and your shirt lights up?! The heat transfer vinyl charges in the sunlight while you enjoy your camping adventures, and glows at night while you settle in to your camp site.

I wanted to create a fun shape from the outline of this design, so I created the stars, text, and pine trees within a diamond shape in Adobe Illustrator. I cut each element in a different material and color, but I like to see the whole thing together before I cut to make sure everything is sized appropriately.

Glow in the dark camping T-shirt in Silhouette Studio

To mirror your image in Silhouette Studio go to “Replicate” and then choose “Mirror Right.” You always need to reverse your image and text before cutting heat transfer vinyl, otherwise “custom shirt” will read “trihs motsuc” on the finished product.

The vinyl is cut through the back (hence the importance of mirroring your image), so the shiny side with the clear carrier goes face down on the cutting mat.

EasyWeed Glow is awesome because it’s part of the EasyWeed family. So the cut settings are the same and the weeding, application, and hot or cold peel attributes hold true for Glow. To cut EasyWeed and EasyWeed Glow on a Silhouette Cameo, expose the Blade to 2, set the Speed to 5, and the Thickness to 5.

I cut the green StripFlock with the Blade at 3, Speed at 5, and Thickness at 8.

To weed away the extra vinyl I like to use my Siser Weeder to pick up a corner and get the peeling started. Do you see that little piece still left in the “e” in the top right? Having a weeder handy is perfect for little crevasses like that. With the hooked end I can snag that piece before it breaks off, so I don’t have to go through after and pick it out. I like to challenge myself to remove all the extra vinyl in one try, without having to go back afterwards. I have to admit though, that with EasyWeed it’s not a hard challenge.

Weeding black EasyWeed for a DIY camping shirtWhen weeding is completed, I can move on to applying.

Applying EasyWeed Glow with a heat press

Temperature set to 312°F. A middle ground between EasyWeed and StripFlock temperatures.

Applying StripFlock HTV with a heat press

EasyWeed Glow, EasyWeed, and StripFlock should all be pressed with medium pressure.

This shirt took me a matter of seconds to complete. Gotta love the EasyWeed 1 second tack! I aligned the EasyWeed Glow on a Bella+Canvas triblend shirt, covered the stars with a heat transfer cover sheet, and pressed for 1 second. I peeled the carrier sheet while it was still hot, and immediately set up my black EasyWeed transfer. I then repeated the process of the EasyWeed 1 Second Tack.

Finally I line up my StripFlock trees with the rest of the design, making sure the diamond shape I wanted wasn’t crooked. Covering the entire design with a cover sheet, I pressed everything for 15 seconds. Wait until StripFlock’s carrier sheet is cool before peeling the clear carrier.


I’m really digging the raised texture of StripFlock lately. Combining it with EasyWeed Glow makes this shirt so fun!

DIY glow in the dark camping shirt made with Siser HTV


You don’t have to have a heat press to make your own glow in the dark t-shirt! Kim, on her blog, Seven Thirty Three, used a home iron to make her glow in the dark camping shirt. See her post here.

EasyWeed Glow DIY camping shirt

White in the light and bright green in the dark!

How surprised would your kids be if you made camping t-shirts with “white” vinyl, and at the end of the day their shirts glowed?! That’s a pretty fun surprise if you ask me. If you do make shirts with EasyWeed Glow, surprise or not, we’d love to see it on Instagram, just add #SiserNA!

Create your own glow in the dark tshirt for camping fun for the kids or adults. Let's sleep under the stars in Siser EasyWeed Glow heat transfer vinyl! Lightweight and comfortable vinyl makes it so you don't even realize it's on the shirt. Just a few supplies needed to make your on glow in the dark shirts. Click on this post to see the whole tutorial!
DIY Glow in the Dark tshirt for camping. How to use glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl. How to cut glow in the dark iron on vinyl on the Silhouette Cameo.