How to Turn a Plain Dog Jacket into a Reflective Dog Jacket

In whatever weather you walk your dog, it’s good to stay visible when near roadways. A little bit of reflective heat transfer vinyl can go a long way! Before you’re next outing, complete this quick project for peace of mind.



Step 1: Cut and Weed EasyReflective

Use your scissors to cut a few strips of EasyReflective or measure the jacket and create the exact size needed in your software of choice and cut with whatever vinyl cutter you prefer. If you do the latter, use your weeder to remove excess vinyl.


Step 2: Apply EasyReflective

I go in depth on how to iron on EasyReflective in this blog post as well as how to test your jacket first to see if you need to adjust the heat setting. Look at the tag inside to see what the fabric content is and look for clues like “cool iron only” that indicate it will be heat sensitive. You could also use a heat press to apply the HTV!

You can iron or heat press EasyReflective HTV to heat apply

EasyReflective HTV has a warm peel carrier

EasyReflective® has a warm peel carrier.









Step 3: Put the Reflective Jacket on Your Dog

When the jacket has cooled down, put it on your pup and treat them to trip outside! You’re sure to be noticed now. See how bright EasyReflective is when I turn my camera flash on?

How to make a plain dog jacket reflective with iron on vinyl


If you want to make your dog jacket reflective in the future, pin the image below to Pinterest!How to iron on EasyReflective to make a reflective dog jacket.

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