How to Iron On EasyWeed® Electric HTV

Plus Two Free Cut Files!

In the spirit of giving, today’s blog post comes with two free cut files! Everyone has their own holiday traditions, but if you’re a Michigander then you know the Lions football game is on the big screen Thanksgiving Day. That’s why you can download the regular turkey cut files here or the football turkey cut files here. If you decide to use these with products from the EasyWeed family and your heat press, then layering is a breeze thanks to the 1 second tack. The 1 second tack and other layering tips can be found in this post. However, you can also use a home iron to apply your layers like I did to make this onesie and bib.

DIY Thanksgiving turkey onesie and football turkey bib


DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Onesie

This gobbler is made out of EasyWeed Electric: copper, red, and yellow plus EasyWeed white and black, as well as burgundy Glitter.  Remember that thicker HTV (like Glitter) will have higher cut settings than thin HTV (like EasyWeed), so be sure to reference the Siser App or website for cutting suggestions and adjust them from there. After cutting each material, weed away the excess so all that remains on the carrier is the design.

weeding Burgundy Glitter heat transfer vinyl

Weeding burgundy Glitter HTV with the Siser® Weeder.

All the materials I’m using come on a pressure sensitive carrier which means it’s sticky. This makes weeding easier as well as keeps the HTV pieces aligned. My favorite benefit of the stick is that I can layer the carriers and make a mock up of the finished look. Then (after pre-ironing the onesie) center the design with regard to all the pieces.

using pressure sensitive carriers to make a mock up

Next, peel up all the top layers, leaving the first layer aligned perfectly and ready to iron on.

aligning mock up on onesie

Peeling up the unapplied top layers after using them to align my first layer.

Set your iron to “cotton” and make sure the steam setting is off. Cover the HTV and onesie with a heat transfer cover sheet, parchment or multipurpose paper, or a pressing cloth or cotton pillow case. Just something that will serve as a thin barrier of protection.

how to iron on EasyWeed Electric heat transfer vinyl

Press as much of the design under the plate of the iron as you can fit without pressing on top of any seams or buttons. Onesies have a lot of seams that would cause improper pressure when using a heat press, so if you don’t have a heat transfer pillow to counteract that, an iron is actually a good tool for onesie decorating.

press iron firmly for 3 to 5 seconds

Press firmly for 3-5 seconds (or just long enough to peel the carrier with most of the vinyl securely adhered) and peel hot.

peel carrier hot

Repeat these short press steps until every layer has been applied. Altogether each layer should have about 15-30 seconds of heat and pressure to be applied properly, and remember that the bottom layers get the additional heat from the top layers too.

peel carriers hot when layering HTV

I love Electrics and Glitter for the holidays, but this would be cute in plain ol’ EasyWeed as well!

DIY turkey onesie with EasyWeed Electric and Glitter HTV


DIY Football Turkey Bib

First I cut and weeded EasyWeed Electric: copper, columbia blue, red, and yellow as well as EasyWeed black, white, and, silver.

weeding copper EasyWeed Electric

Then I stacked each layer and used them to align my first layer on the bib.

aligning heat transfer layers with carriers

The application process is the same as the turkey onesie- short presses, avoid seams for even pressure, and peel hot.

how to iron on HTV to a baby bib

One thing to note is that this bib has a short looped terry cloth texture that shows through the EasyWeed Electric, but that’s normal and will occur with textured fabrics and thin heat transfer vinyls.

peel carrier hot

In 7 colors and just 4 presses, this lil’ guy was ready to go!

DIY Thanksgiving Lions football bib

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This year I’m thankful for Siser heat transfer vinyl! What color from our lineup are you most thankful for? Let us know in the comments below :)