How to Decorate Dog Bandanas

with Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl

A wagging tail is often the first thing I see when I walk through the door at the end of the day. As soon as I bend down to give it a scratch, my dog welcomes the opportunity to return the affection with plenty of sloppy wet kisses. Although he may look like a fighter, my german shepherd/boxer mix is definitely a lover. Since he loves so freely, I thought he deserves a gift on the holiday of love: Valentine’s Day!

In less than an afternoon, I sewed up a bandana from contrasting Valentine’s Day fabric using this simple pattern from Lia Griffith. The pattern can be adjusted for dogs ranging in size from small to large, so there’s no puppy left behind!

DIY contrasting dog bandana sewn together with red and black arrow fabric

While the blank bandana is cute plain, I wanted to add some custom flair with HTV.

Supplies to Decorate a Dog Bandana

*This project was originally made with StripFlock® HTV. Since then, Siser released an improved version of the product: StripFlock Pro

Step 1: Create & Cut Artwork

The Ani Typewriter font is one of my favorites, and reminds me of vintage love letters, so I knew I wanted to use it to create a cute message on the bandana.  After typing everything out in the ScanNCut Type Converter (tutorial here) I uploaded the .svg file that was created to adjust the text into the perfect size and alignment.

When the artwork was mirrored and ready to go, I wirelessly transferred the .fcm file to the ScanNCut. Before cutting, I placed black StripFlock on the cutting mat. The shiny side with the carrier is face down, so the dull adhesive side is exposed to the blade. Since this is a thicker HTV and my Brother mat is not as sticky as it once was, I used a bit of tape on the edges to keep the material from shifting. When the HTV is secure, select the button that looks like a cutting mat (top right) and the rollers will grip and feed the mat into the ScanNCut.

how to cut StripFlock on the Brother Scan N Cut

StripFlock cut settings can be found here, but you could use other types of heat transfer vinyl for your bandana! How adorable would Glitter, Holographic, or even EasyPatterns® look? Just remember that thicker HTVs will need higher cut settings, but your ideal settings really depend on the condition of your blade, cutting mat, and cutting strip. You may have to increase your cut settings when working with well-worn tools, or decrease your cut settings when using brand new accessories. A test cut can also help guide you.

Step 2: Weeding

Once the artwork is cut, weed out the excess StripFlock with a  Siser Weeder.

Remove the excess HTV with the Siser Weeder

StripFlock has a fuzzy texture, so the little bits of lint left behind on the pressure sensitive carrier is normal.

Step 4: Iron On

Work on a hard, flat surface and set your iron to “Cotton.” While it heats up, fold and crease the bandana as well as the transfer to find the centers and align them. With the carrier face up, place a heat transfer cover sheet on top and press the iron firmly for 15 seconds. If the transfer is bigger than the iron, lift the iron and press the section that hasn’t received heat for 15 seconds. You want to act like a heat press and resist the urge to slide the iron for best results.

Align the centers of the transfer and the bandana Press iron firmly for 15 seconds on the cotton setting








Step 5: Peel Carrier

StripFlock is a cold peel, so you want to wait until the carrier no longer feels warm. To speed this process up, you can rub the area on a table or glass window to disperse the heat quicker. New StripFlock Pro is a hot peel though, so if you’re worker with the newer version then there’s no need to wait!

Peel the carrier from StripFlock when completely cool

The lingering lint remains on the carrier and will not transfer to your fabric.

Step 6: Slip on Collar & Clip on Cutie!

After decorating, slip your dog’s collar through the sewn pocket. Clip the collar on like you would normally, and sit back to see how dapper your doggo looks now!

Bentley the dog in his DIY Valentine's Day bandanaBentley the dog models his StripFlock HTV decorated bandana

Bentley was a good sport for the photos even though he really would’ve rather been running through the snow. I can’t help but think my good boy looks extra handsome! Plus, I love how quickly this craft came together. I foresee many more of these bandanas in Bentley’s future! Just imagine shamrocks for St.Paddy’s or stars and stripes for July 4th… the ideas go on and on!

Have you decorated anything for your pets with Siser® heat transfer vinyl? Tag us with #SiserNA so we can see your furry valentine!

Easily dress up your furry valentine with this simple sewn bandana. A custom message made from StripFlock HTV can be ironed on to make this DIY extra special.