How to Decorate Plastic Treat Bags

with Siser® EasyPSV™

99% of the time we recommend using Siser® EasyPSV™ for most hard surfaces including wood, glass and drywall. But hey, it’s fun to think outside of the box and experiment on other surfaces, such as plastic treat bags! With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, why not dress up some boring plastic bags (like sandwich bags!) and customize them with new Siser EasyPSV! These are great for friends, family and loved ones, and are super easy and quick to make.

Supplies for DIY Treat Bags


Here are the instructions! Just make sure you do these steps for each color of EasyPSV you are using.

  1. To get started on this project, first put the EasyPSV face/color UP in your vinyl cutter.

Place EasyPSV color-side up in vinyl cutter

No need to mirror your graphics. This isn’t HTV, remember!

2. Remove excess PSV that is not included in your design (weeding.)

Weed away excess PSV.
3. Remove paper liner from EasyPSV Application Tape then layer the tape on top of your PSV design. Rub on with a squeegee to make sure they are bonded together.

Apply Application Tape over PSV design
4. Use a couple of little scrap pieces of application tape to keep the plastic bag in place. Tape down a couple of the corners since we don’t want the plastic bag to move while applying the EasyPSV on it!

Use Application Tape to hold down plastic bag.

5. Remove the EasyPSV liner to expose the adhesive, and place the first color of EasyPSV (adhesive side down) on to the plastic bag.

6. Use a squeegee to fully adhere it to the plastic.  Then slowly remove the EasyPSV Application Tape, leaving the EasyPSV on the plastic bag.  Then apply the second color the same way.

Apply first color of Easy PSV then remove the liner.

Use squeegee to adhere second color to bag.










Remove Application Tape, leaving just your PSV design on the bag.

7. Now they’re ready to be filled with candy!

Easy, right? We’re not done yet though… We’re going to decorate the ribbon with EasyPSV. Yes, EasyPSV works great on smooth satin ribbon as well!

How to Decorate Satin Ribbon with Siser EasyPSV

I cut some little hearts out with my scrap of EasyPSV Permanent Glitter, so I’ll use them to decorate the ribbon ties.

  1. I already filled the bags with candy, so first I tied the ribbon around the bag. I’m not that great at tying bows and I want to know how the ribbon will lay before I apply the EasyPSV.
  2. After weeding the little hearts, I just need to apply EasyPSV Application Tape on top of them. Great use of scraps since they’re so tiny!
  3. Remove the liner from the EasyPSV to expose the sticky adhesive. Lay the EasyPSV on to the ribbon and press it on with your fingers. Remove Application Tape.

Apply EasyPSV to ribbon with Application Tape, then remove tape.

The greatest thing about these super easy and cost-efficient treat bags – You can use them for all occasions! And better yet, you can use ANY Siser EasyPSV for this project. Just think of the cool bags you could create with EasyPSV Glow-In-The-Dark for Halloween treats or even EasyPSV Etch for a snowflake theme.

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DIY treat bags are simple to make for Valentine's Day or any occasion! Decorate the bag and ribbon too when you use EasyPSV™ Permanent by Siser®.