5 Alternative Ways to Use a Siser® EasyWeeder®

If you’ve been a Siser® Fan for a while, then you likely know and love the EasyWeeder® for picking out excess HTV and PSV before it’s applied. This durable stainless steel tool will not bend or break when weeding designs and can be sharpened if necessary. The Siser EasyWeeder features a comfortable rubber grip and allows you to weed Heat Transfer Vinyl and Pressure Sensitive Vinyl with speed and accuracy – even in small cavities! But did you know it can do so much more than just weeding? Keep reading for 5 different ways you can put this tool to use!


1. Crevice Cleaner

Using a Siser® EasyWeeder® as a keyboard cleaner.

Cleaning a keyboard with a Siser® Weeder.









Wrap a bit of Kleenex around the metal tip of the Weeder then swipe it through your keyboard, phone port, or any other crud filled cranny (like the shower drain for example! I’d show you, but just trust me on this one- it works and you don’t want to see the hair monster that came out of my tub.)


2. Box Opener

Opening a box with a Siser® Weeder. Slicing packaging tape with a Siser® Weeder.









A Siser Weeder easily slices through packaging tapes, envelopes and mailers. Whether you’re unboxing blanks or just this week’s junk mail, an EasyWeeder will quickly become your most reached for tool!


3. Leather Piercing

Poking a hole in faux leather with a Siser® EasyWeeder® Putting the earring hook through the hole made by the Siser® EasyWeeder®









The sharp point can also pierce through leather, making it super handy for leather workers and jewelry makers out there!


4. Removing HTV Mistakes

Using a Siser® Weeder to pick off a bit of HTV that was accidentally applied.

Sometimes you need a super sharp extra finger to pick off HTV that was accidentally applied. When the adhesive is still warm, work the EasyWeeder around the edges of the HTV to lift and separate it from the fibers of the fabric. You can see this trick in action plus 2 more ways to fix HTV mistakes in this blog post.


5. Cutting Strip Extractor

Lifting the edge of an old cutting strip with a Siser® Weeder.

Removing an old cutting strip with the help of a Siser® Weeder.








Some craft cutters (like the Silhouette Cameos) as well as most large format cutters (like a Graphtec or Roland) have a replaceable piece called a Cutting Strip. A Cutting Strip is designed to prevent damage to the blade or the actual machine itself when cutting materials without a mat. Eventually this strip gets pretty beat up- that’s where the EasyWeeder comes in! Wiggle it under one end until you can grip the old strip and peel it away in preparation for the new Cutting Strip.

Keeping your cutting strip in good condition is just one way to ensure best cutting results. Check out this blog post for 4 more troubleshooting tips for the best possible cut.

Siser® EasyWeeder® Retail Packaging


So where can you get one of these amazing tools? From you friendly neighborhood Authorized Distributor or Reseller of course, this includes Michaels Craft Stores! If you’re not sure who sells genuine Siser products near your area, contact us at Info@SiserNA.com and our sales team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

5 Ways to Use a Siser® EasyWeeder® (other than weeding vinyl!) on the Siser Blog.

Do you use your EasyWeeder in a way that’s not mentioned on this list? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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