Simple Hand Cut Dry Erase Labels for Easy Storage

ISeeing my reflection in Siser Metallic silver HTV‘m so excited to share this tutorial with you today! :D Can you tell? I think it’s so cool that I can see my reflection in silver Metallic. But that’s not even the best part. We’ve discovered that this material can be used as a mini dry erase board! Read on to learn how you can make your own dry erase labels!

What You’ll Need:

For this tutorial I’m not using a vinyl cutter. Of course if you have a cutter you may choose to cut out a fancy label shape, but it’s not necessary to have a vinyl cutter to use Siser products!

Step 1: Trace Your Label Shape

Trace Siser Squeege with dry erase marker

I found the Siser Squeegee to be the perfect label size for my storage cube.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Label

Siser Metallic silver iron on dry erase label

I wiped away the black dry erase marker without a trace!

Cut out label shape from Siser Metallic silver






Step 3: Iron Dry Erase Label to Storage Cube

Set your iron to the “Cotton” setting. Position label to your liking then cover the material with a heat transfer cover sheet (Kraft paper or a clean pillowcase will work too) and press for 15 seconds. Make sure your project is always on a hard flat surface when ironing Siser heat transfer vinyl.

Position dry erase label on storage cubeApply heat to dry erase label with a home iron






Step 4: Peel Carrier Sheet

Metallic is a cold peel, so wait until the carrier is cool to the touch before removing the clear carrier sheet.

Peel carrier sheet from Siser Metallic silver

Step 5: Write On It!

Dry erase label on a storage cube

Step 6: Store Stuff In It!

Storing Siser accessories in storage cube

It has a nice pocket that holds my supplies, including my Siser Weeder!

Inside of customized storage cube

Here’s a peek at some future blog projects!








Storage cubes are perfect for college dorms, classrooms, home, and the office! Adding a dry erase label will help you stay organized. However, if you’re anything like me you’ll change your mind a lot, but that’s fine because you can change the label a lot too!

Contact your local distributor to get your hands on this fun stuff! Don’t know who your local distributor is? Download the Siser app in the Apple Store or Google Play and choose “Find Distributor” from the side menu.

Perfect for organizing your home, office, dorm, classroom, and pretty much anywhere else! Storage cubes get even more organized when you add labels! These nifty dry erase labels are perfect for those who can't make up their mind or are constantly rearranging and reorganizing. Click this post for the supplies list and a full tutorial! DIY Siser Metallic dry erase labels are the perfect addition to any storage cube!